World Water Day


Today is world water day! Lets do our part today (& everyday) to spread awareness! There is over 700 million people that do not have access to clean water. There are hospitals filled with people that have water related illness; due to drinking bacteria infected water. With all of the advances that we have in the world today clean water is something that should be available to everyone. There are many places that you can donate to the wonderful cause. and, just to name a few. Third eye gems, is another that every time you purchase a bracelet they donate 30 days of clean water to someone in need. I have gotten a few bracelets from them, I love the fact that my purchase gives back to someone in need. Not to mention how beautiful the bracelets are.

If you cannot donate, then please spread the word! Lets put a end to this, lets provide clean water to each and everyone one of us!