New Video is Up!

This video is simple and from the heart, and decided not to talk the whole time.

I hope all of you decide to stop the endless cycle of self hate, and unworthiness.

Its time to shine your beauty upon the world

Let your self shine!

I love all of you, my mission is to uplift you & show you its never to late to change

love is always the answer and it lies within all of us.

Be the beautiful being you were meant to be

Thank you everyone, you have inspired my life


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New Video, Hooping!

Hey you!

I figured for this weeks video I could stay with the theme of loving yourself and share with you what makes me love myself. Hooping!! In the video I tell you how it helps me in my daily life, and hows me on a personal level. I want  you to share what makes you love yourself!! I love seeing all the different ways people express themselves!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and a even better day!


p.s- Please feel free to share with anyone and everyone!

Love yourself

This is the first of many videos I hope to bring to you. I want to spread light and love to all of you and understand how powerful YouTube can be to achieve this. My goal is to bring you videos weekly, to keep you inspired and growing. I love all of you, without your support none of this could be possible. xoxo