Before the full moon I have been feeling a shift beginning to take place. I believe I am not alone in this feeling; everything is starting to change for the better. We are entering into a time of great beauty and instant manifestation. Now that the full moon has passed, and I am still feeling the effects of her energy; I know that everything I have been feeling and even experiencing first hand is spot on.

It is time to manifest our dreams and make our deepest desires come true. There has never been a more perfect time to fulfill and enrich our lives. I know that I have been called back to my two longest love affairs; photography and writing. I had taken a break from both for many reason but mostly for the fact that I had so much going on within myself that I did not feel inspired or creative in anyway.

 photo IMG_1901_zpsis2vlfny.jpg

There are times in each of our lives where we just need time. Time to sort through our feelings, our hearts desires, and all the chaos in between. Had I not allowed myself this time, everything I wrote and every picture I took would be empty of passion, have dark undertones, and be lack luster to say the least. Now that I have taken my time to heal and let go of so much, I am back better and more alive than ever.

I know that I have said before that you should spend time in your darkness, and learn from what you find there. For me, that has never been more true. It isn’t that I was in a “bad” place, it’s more of I was in between who I used to be, and who I am now. I talked to a beloved friend who gave me an entirely new perspective on everything, which really made me dive deep within. There I unlocked the door to my past, viewing it now in a way that I hadn’t before. Writing has always been therapeutic for me, and this time was no different. I wrote many letters, too many people, then when I was finished I burned them. Fire has always been transformative too me, and the best way to release into the universe.

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Once again I see the world with open eyes; taking in all the beauty and wonder that is daily life. I live my life in awe, amazed by what love can build and by what love can do. Even the simplest things can move me to tears with its raw beauty. Take nothing for granted & love every minute of this wild ride called life.

All I can think of is the flower. It doesn’t not bloom for you, or for me. And it cannot be rushed to bloom. It will wait until the time is right. And when it does bloom, it blooms for itself. It has spent its time in the darkness, so that it may now become everything it was meant to be. A beautiful work of art.

Many Blessings,

Xo Faye


P.S. – The photos shown are a few that I took a few nights ago around sunset. It truly filled my heart with love to look through that camera lens again.


Automatic Writing

Today I feel so light and just free. I feel as if everything is falling into place for the new year. That everything I have ever wanted is right in front of me, I simply must continue to work hard and stay focused. Everything I have ever needed is inside of me.  I feel so light; it is almost as if I am floating above it all. Yet at the same time, I am grounded to the great mother. I feel her love within me, and I am grateful for her. I know with each passing storm, or wildfire there is a purpose, a cleansing that is taking place. It is the way it must be, the only way to build a new is to through destruction and devastation. For it is in times such as these that we remember what is truly important, we reconnect with our true selves and leave behind any illusions of who we should be. There is a great shift on the way, into the next phase of humanity. I can feel it, the phase were we live among ourselves the way we were always meant to; through peace, love, and compassion. It is the only way we were ever meant to live, with our great mother and all her creatures.  Love will overcome everything, it is everything we are, and it is all we are. Without love we are nothing, incomplete and empty. The time of transformation is upon us, it can be seen all around us. The animals speak to us, we must listen. They will show us the way, we must follow.

I don’t normally share my automatic writings but I feel as if this is too important not to share, that I was actually meant to share this. Stay positive everyone, i know things are crazy right now. Just hang in there, it will pass. Stay  in a positive space, stay close to things and people that make you feel alive. Everything is about to change for the better.