Nature of letting go

I think often of the saying “nature teaches us the beauty of letting go.” I think of this while walking in the woods, looking at all the beautifully dying leaves.  I have never seen this beauty before, no, not like this. Not in this way.

Fall has always been my favorite season, and I think now, why?

It’s the season of transitions, of letting go. Allowing parts of ourselves to die; so they may blossom into something more beautiful than before. I’m in awe of the lessons mother shows us. We must let go, we must live in the darkest snowiest parts of ourselves so when we thaw we become more beautiful than ever. Radiating everything we are.


I am everywhere


I start this day as a new slate, a new beginning
I am not my past, nor am I my present
I am more than skin & bone
I am sunkissed skin on a warm day, warm & inviting
I am a walk on a crisp autumn day, breathtakingly beautiful
I am the stars you gaze upon, claming your soul & making you feel at home
I am everywhere, I am everything
For I am love