Blocking yourself

On Wednesday I did another past life regression; the intent of this regression was to find when my fear originated and why I have associated it with fear. When my friend and I began the regression, I laid down and began to relax. I slowly became more and more relax until I just got to the state of stillness. I began to walk over the bridge of time; I then stepped off the bridge and into a past life. It is normally at this point where I began to see my surroundings, my body, and other people. This time was unlike all the other regression’s I had previous; I saw complete darkness. I thought to myself that perhaps I was blind in this life. My friend was asking me questions of where I was, what year is it, what’s my family name, are you male or female, young or old? All of which I had no answers too. As I lay in the darkness that now surrounded me; my stomach began to tense up. It was now filled with anxiousness, and fearfulness. I then began to feel things touching me, of which I am still unsure. It was at the point where I felt my physical body begin to twitch and react to me being touched. Along with not being able to see anything, I also did not hear anything.

A few moments later she had asked me “You will always…what?” To which my response was “I will always be afraid”. As I heard my mind say this to me, it was said with such forcefulness, and authority. As I had no choice in the matter, I had already made my choice. I do not feel this way anymore, the saying has now changed to “I will no longer be afraid”. I feel as if I’m playing tug of war with myself. As I let go and release my ego pulls me back to these fears. Telling me that I need them, know full well I do not.

She then moved in forward in time, to my death. I do not remember how I died in this life as it must have been of little significance. As I left that body, and began to float above it is when I saw an image; which now has a permit place in my mind.  I saw a muddy ground; it must have rained recently or was raining. There was no sun shining, it was cloudy and gray. There were horse prints imprinted into the mud which the rain water had collected in.  I was kneeling, one leg bend in the mud the other my foot in the mud. Both my hands were in the mud and my head was down. My skin was white, so white in fact it looked as if I had never seen the sun. I had no hair on my head, and saw only a small brown cloth covering my private area (which made me believe I was a man in this life). I did not see my face however; I did notice that I had an iron collar around my neck. It was thick, and had loops where a chain could be attached. I also received no emotion linked to the image.

After I received this image she asked me “Think of your soul contracts, did you a share this life with another in your present life?” Yes, I thought. My friend that was doing the regression was the only one that came to mind. She then asked “What was my purpose of this life?” To which I said to myself “To give others hope when there is none”.

She then pulled me back to my physical body; I just laid there for a few seconds. Thinking back on all the knowledge I didn’t receive and the little that I did. I told her that I had no answers for her, and all I saw was this one image. She had told me that as we were doing the regression, she knew I wasn’t getting to the root. That somethings we carry with us so long that they take root in us and become so deep it takes many regressions to rid them from ourselves. That we block ourselves from revisiting this impactful moments in our souls evolution.  This is what is happening to me, I believe. I do believe I have been carrying this me for quite a long time and it is only now that I am fully ready to get rid of them. It will just take more work than I may have fully realized. So I will continue on this path until I have fulfilled all that I need to. The hardest path is the one that reaps the most rewards.

Soul coaching thus far

Going through this soul coaching has been a rough ride already. I am at day 3 and man oh man. This book asks questions I never asked myself before,let alone thought of. It has made me think about things on such a deeper level; to face truths I was to unwilling to see. It has brought things to the surface that I didnt even know were there. I feel different today than I normally do. I feel sad as if I had been yelled at for days repeatedly over and over. As if it is on some sort of loop in my mind. Replaying over and over until I get the message. I feel like a child, weak, alone and afarid. Hiding in the corner, trying to aviod being seen. There is no happiness, no joy, only sadness. Whatever lifetime this is from it was a tragic one. They beat me down with thier words, they use them like knifes; slicing away every bit of myself love. They have done such a good job programming me; I don’t know why I believe thier lies. A release is on the way, I can feel it. As this may not be so pleasant right now the result will be worth it. You must clear out the darkness so the light can find its way in…

Past Life

Last night I did a past life regression on my husband. This was his first past life regression, so he was excited and didn’t really know what to expect.

We started by him relaxing, and getting comfortable. We than started the session, getting him more and more relaxed. Once we achieved this we crossed over the river of time and into one of his past lives. Since this is his first time doing so I explained to him that you can’t really control were you go, or what you see but to remember that you are just observing. He stepped off the bridge and stood in a past life, this is what he saw….

He was a young man, around 20 years old. The year was 1943, and he was in Germany. He was a solider, a paratrooper, for the United States. He was wearing black combat boots, and World War 2 green fatigues. He was standing at an intersection, the roads were cobblestone. The buildings on the right and left had been bombed and were missing walls as well as, most of the second story. When I asked him how this life felt he said “I’m alone and scared”.

I moved him to an important time in this life, which brought him to a bus. Right before they shipped off to Germany. He sitting in the bus and people were watching them leave. He felt pride and happiness to serve his country. He knew that the road ahead would not be an easy one but he said it felt nice to be recognized for his efforts.

I then moved him in forward time again, to when he was dying. This moved him to a hospital. When I asked him why he went to the hospital he replied “I was hiding in a building that was hit by a tank. My left leg is in a lot of pain and my gut. I have a metal chunk in the left side of my stomach.” He then said he saw two nurses around him, they were speaking French. I asked him if he knew them in this life and he said “I can’t see their faces well enough to know.”

I then asked if the wounds he had got from war caused his death, he said “Yes, and no. I lost my left leg from the knee down. Infection is what killed me. I died very slowly, in the hospital. Alone”. “I am not happy to go. I have people to go home too, I wanted to go home to them.” He replied, when I asked him if was glad to go or not. Finally, I asked him what he learned from this life. “Regardless of what others thought you did or didn’t do. You can take away knowing what you did was the right choice.” He replied. I then asked him if he carries any fear from that life into his present life. He answered me by saying “Always concerned about letting someone down”.

He had now left that life and was resting in the spirit world. He did not feel himself pass away because it must have been insignificant. I then moved him out of the memories of that life, and back to his current life. You don’t want to stay in the spirit world to long or you won’t want to leave. That is our true home and state of being after all. He then woke up, remembering everything that he had seen and felt from that past life.

When he woke up, I smiled. He looked at me and said “What??” I said, “You were a solider, you don’t see the pattern?” I knew that he didn’t because this was new to him so I explained what I meant. You see in this life my husband was in the Navy, proud to serve his country. Proud to recognized for his serve and courage. This was the same things that he felt years ago in Germany as a young man. From what I have seen our souls have a pattern. If someone is a solider in one life, more than likely not they will be a solider in most if not all their lives to come. Just like if someone is a healer, they will continue being a healer in their lifetimes ahead of them.

I find it so incredible that we can access these memories, if we just take some time to do so. We have all lived before and will all live again. We are sent to the physical form of flesh so that we can learn lessons, so we can feel pain, and love; to build relationships, and to have the human experience. Some lessons cannot be taught in spirit form, so we must learn these lessons as humans. Each life we have affects the next, they stick with us. Fears, phobias, ways of acting, issues we have, jobs….it all follows us to the next lifetime.