Let Love In

We can blame others for our actions and mistakes but at the end of the day, they are choices that we made. We are only responsible for ourselves, we are the only ones to place “blame” on.

I, myself, have never understood the whole regret thing, either regretting things you have done or haven’t done. It is such a big part of our society to regret that choices you have made, and to this I say why regret it? In that moment it is exactly what you wanted, you felt that was the best choice so you went for it. Most regrets come from nights of drinking too much alcohol, and waking up in a haze. This too seems to be a rite of passage in our society, which I have never understood. Alcohol does more harm than good, and is so easy to become addicted too. Using it as a crutch to not deal with your emotions or as a way to cope with life. We all go through darkness in our lives and it is all in the choices we make in where that darkness takes us. It can either makes us stronger, or it can destroy us; it is simply up to us.

The regrets of people on their death bed breaks my heart, wishing they had been more open to love, telling those they love how much they mean to them. Living a life of happiness for themselves, instead living a life for others. Why are we so afraid of what others will think of us that we can life our entire lives miserable with the grand illusion of happiness? I don’t get it, I never have. Be happy, live the life you want for yourself and no one else. Let the world inspire you, be kind to one another and let love lead the way. Be open to love and new experiences.  Don’t allow yourself to be molded by the guidelines of life set by society. Those guidelines lead to misery and unfulfillment.

Most of us can fake it, but for how long? There will come a day when you see your life has been a lie, and then what? It is never too late to change your life, and find love and happiness within yourself. The world needs more rule brakes, more kindness and more love. Take the time to look within yourself, mend the broken pieces and find love. It will take you so many wonderful places in this life; places you never knew exist. Love transforms, love enriches and love is infectious.

It all beginnings and ends with us, do the self-work first and it will show itself in every aspect of your life.




Free Writing

I have come to find that everything is not as it seems. People often are wolfs in sheep’s clothing. They pretend to be exactly opposite of how they are. Why it is that humans do this? A dog would not act a certain way only to bite your hand off. He will act as if he wants to bite your hand off. I have a lot of beautiful connections in my life but none like the one I share with my dog. He is always happy to see me, always greets me with a smile and some wet kisses. He always acts like each time I come home is the first time he has seen me. He happy simply with the food and love I give him, he doesn’t ask for anything more. He gives me his love, unconditionally. He hides nothing from me, he is simply happy that we are together. Why can’t people act more like this? Life isn’t about being cool, it isn’t about what color your skin is, or what religion you are. It’s about love, and the connections we share with people.  It’s about being kind and showing compassion. It’s about helping one another, despite our differences. It’s about all that most have seen to lost. I see it in larger cities, where everyone only cares for themselves, and will pass a stranger in need without thinking twice. They don’t say “thank you” to the waiter and they throw a fit when things aren’t perfect. They are in a rush to get nowhere, and they are ALWAYS on their phone. Money rules the world, and there by nothing else matters.

It is sad to me, a girl from the country, that people find it okay to live like this. I was raised to always say “Thank you” when given something, no matter who it’s from. To always be kind over being rude, somethings you cannot control. Sharing a smile with a stranger could brighten their whole day, and to always treat others how you would want to be treated. Life doesn’t work the way that you want it to, according to your rules. Life isn’t fair and sometimes it plan sucks. Working hard is the only way you can ever get the things you want in life, they will not be handed to you. Love is free, it cannot be bought no matter how hard you try. Life is simple, yet we make it so changeling.

I will always prefer my home in the country, to city life. I need wide open spaces, I need room to breathe, to feel the energy of the trees, to see the beautiful sights and smells of the flowers, to see deer running through the woods, to hear the songs of the birds and the meditative sounds of the streams. I need it all, it’s who I am. That is my peace on earth, my sanctuary.

I truly believe if people got away from the buildings that humans have created and lived among nature that they would find all that they were looking for. That violence and crime rates would go down, that overall life would improve. When you live in a false world you’ve created nothing good can come from it; the concrete we use to build with holds and gives off a void of energy. It is not alive, so it is an energy void, which then comes back to us. But if you live among the trees, among the plants, they you will be given the gift of positive energy. You will be enlightened and enriched with the love of our great mother. She knows what her children need, it is her children who refuse to listen.

Music Sticks With Us

As a child I grew up with country music, it’s all that my grandparents listened to and for the most part all that my father listened too. I remember the songs of the 90’s being relatable and meaningful. I still hold a love for the songs I grew up with and now that I am an adult I love them even more. Understanding what they are saying even more now, and relating to them in a different way.

There is one song that always stood out to me, and touched me. It’s “Stand beside me” by Jo Dee Messina. The chorus is what always stuck with me, it goes “I want a man that stands beside me/Not in front of or behind me/Give me two arms that want to hold me, not own me/And I’ll give all the love in my heart/Stand beside me/Be true, don’t tell lies to me I’m not lookin’ for a fantasy/I want a man that who stands beside me.” Even as a child I understood what she was saying, and I never let go of that. I have always wanted a man to stand beside me, too often woman are pushed around by men thinking they are property to be owned or objects. Or that they are to be controlled, or exist only in the background. I always knew the kind of relationship I wanted and to me this song was everything I wanted.

In a way it has guided me away from relationships where I knew I wasn’t be nurtured or given everything I needed (Read life of undying hope for more.)  In a way it led me to my husband, a man that always stood beside me. A man who sees me as his equal and has respect for me. Music is a powerful tool, it can touch us and lead us to tears. Or it can stick with us forever. What we listen to, who we hang around with all determines who we become, so choose wisely.



New Video is Up!

This video is simple and from the heart, and decided not to talk the whole time.

I hope all of you decide to stop the endless cycle of self hate, and unworthiness.

Its time to shine your beauty upon the world

Let your self shine!

I love all of you, my mission is to uplift you & show you its never to late to change

love is always the answer and it lies within all of us.

Be the beautiful being you were meant to be

Thank you everyone, you have inspired my life


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Weekend Adventures

Yesterday was a beautiful day, it was in the mid 70’s and the humidity was low. So I decided that I was going to take some pictures while we were out hiking, it has been sometime since I’ve fed my love of photography.

First we went to the Gettysburg battlefield; we went back on a trail behind devils den. This is a trail we had already done but I never had my camera. I enjoy this trail for two reasons. One, it is far enough of the beaten path that most people don’t even know it’s there. Two, I feel a lot of energy in the area of the battlefield which is both Native American and solders. There have been times that I get a little overwhelmed in this area, and I simply as the spirits to leave me. That I am sorry that this happened to them but I am unable to help them at this time.  This is often an effective way to get them to leave me alone without being rude. I have to say that I was pretty obsessed with the sky yesterday, there were no chem trails! This almost never happens so I was so delighted and took a bunch of pictures of the beautiful blue sky. Here are some pictures that I took yesterday.

Gettysburg College Blog


After the trail had come to an end we decided to go to the Michaux State Forest. This is one of my absolute favorite forests in the area. There is something magical about this place that draws me back. On this return to the forest we decided to try a different hiking trail. We saw on the map that there was an overlook, so we decided to do that trial. I am a sucker for a beautiful overlook, even if the way up to the overlook is not so easy.  This trail was far easier than I thought it would be, it only took us about a half and hour’s time to reach the summit. Which was a real treat, again I have to state that there were no chem trails!! So it added another layer of beauty to the view. We continued on, and as we did so it became more and more difficult for me to navigate. There were more and more rocks to climb around and in between, then the trail went straight up the mountain. This is when Norman (my dog) and I stopped and my husband pressed on.  While we were alone, we sat down on a rock and just felt nature. This is an area of the forest where there is no cell service; there are few hikers so it is just you and mother. I thanked her and all the elements for everything they give us. I asked to connect to her, so that she can allow me to feel all her love. If this is something that you have never done, I would highly suggest it. Mother earth’s energy is pretty wonderful; it’s so pure and loving. She will ground you and send you love at the same time. When I felt I was ready to discounted, I asked her to do so. I thanked her again and just sat in the peacefulness of the mountain.  Soon after my exchange with mother my husband had returned, and we descended down the mountain. Here are some pictures that I took here….

michaux state forest college

If you haven’t been out to enjoy all the nature has to offer, I highly suggest that you do. It is a great way to unwind, relax and just overall great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.  Get away from the television,  the computer, get your face out of your phone and go outside! Everything seems so insignificant while out in nature because it is.  Money problems, stress, and worry all mean nothing.We belong in nature, we are connected to the earth and the earth energy that surrounds all of us.

Nature is simple, and the energy it gives is simple. The trees, wind, sunshine, even the rain all have a message for us. To send positive vibes out into the universe but most importantly to radiate love from every part of ourselves. Just smile, love and be happy.


Isn’t music incredible it can change our mood, change our thoughts and just overall state of being. It can touch us so deeply that we become emotional; it can motivate us, relax us or make us dance.  

Just like anything else in this world, the music we listen to affects our energy. If you listen to a low vibrational music that is angry and hateful that is how your energy will be.  If you listen to music that is light and makes you feel good, then you will raise your vibration.

That is what like is all about, finding things that makes you feel amazing; that includes music. Find music that makes you dance your heart out, find music that makes you emotional, find music that just makes you feel good.

For me this music is so many different genres. I am a firm believer that your musical tastes should be all over the place. Confining yourself to one genre only limits you.  Some of my favorite bands/artists make me feel amazing, they make me dance in the car, they make me sing my lungs out and most importantly they touch a part of me that I can’t even begin describe.

For me Dirty Heads have become a love affair for my heart and soul. You can feel the passion they have for the music they make. When you love what you do it transforms into something incredible; it can be felt. There songs are upbeat, fun and inspiring.  Even as I write this now, I am listening to them; Sound of change, everything in that songs speaks to me on another level.  They inspire me so much so that I got a tattoo on my arm of one of their songs.

There are so much bad things in the world that when you find something that you love, that makes that spark inside of yourself come alive, hold on to it. Cherish it. Those are the things that mean everything, they are that things that makes life worth living.

The message I send to all of you is simple, love. Infuse it into your life, into every fiber of your being and I promise you, it will transform you and your life.