My absence

Over the past week I have been battling a illness, my sinus have been giving me a hard time. The weather has decided it is no long winter, and that spring should be here. So along with spring comes my allergies to pollen. Anyways, this isn’t what the blog is about today so let’s get it to it.

On Sunday, before I got sick my husband, dog and I went to the state forest to get away for a few hours. The thing I love the most about the forest besides all the tress is when my phone says no service. It’s a kind of liberating feeling to just be for a few hours, with no distractions.

We were walking on a trial right off the road, when we stumbled along an old P.O.W. Camp that had once been there. So we started to walk around the camp. It was fascinating to see all the buildings they had built, the aqueducts they had built to supply water to the camp, and overall just how large the camp was. The first side of the camp we encountered was not “bad” or giving off any negative energies that I could feel. It’s hard to say what these buildings were since only the foundations remain. As we kept walking I felt compelled to walk a certain direction, so I follow it and let it guide me. We ended up in a part of the camp that I did not like at all. As we were walking, I told my husband that I felt different, I felt anxiety and a heavy sadness. He then told me that I was in a building, which I hadn’t noticed. I kept waking, down this trail where there seemed to be nothing, but I knew something was at the end of it. As I walked down this trail, I began to feel like a officer in the military. I had on a green coat, it was long, down to my mid calf, I had a green hat with golden metals or some sort of engraving on the front. I had brown boots, tall brown boots. I had brown hair, and a brown mustache, I had brown gloves in my hand. As I walked I looked down at the ground, I knew what had to be done but I felt remorse and guilt for it. Then I came to the end of the path, there was the remains of a building. I hated this building, I believe some very horrific things happened in this place. It was a prime location for it, a mile away from any of the other buildings in the camp. Surrounded by nothing, no one to hear your screams. I quickly left this location, and walked back down the path as I did so this time, I felt as if two men were carrying me, one under each of my arms. I felt like I was bloody, beaten and almost on the edge of death. I quickly release what was not mine, and told the spirits they could not come home with they. That they must remain where they are meant to be.

As we walked away further and further from this location, we came to the entrance of the camp, were to the right a building used to be. I walked into the building, it felt like an administrative building, where people would be admitted into the camp. Behind where the building used to be was a ton oak trees, one of these trees called out to me so I walked over to it. I touched the tree, said “hello” and asked to exchange energy with him. I say him because oak trees are more masculine to me than other trees. He gave me his energy, and it began to ground me. I lost track of him, getting lost in how amazing this energy felt. I came back to reality and thanked the tree for what he had given me, and removed my hand. I felt high, and grounded; I could feel the bottoms of my feet connected deeply within our great mother. It was amazing to be that in a place riddled with darkness, that there would be a tree that was beautiful and light; that was never affected by this darkness. I have made a tree friend, and I will be visiting him again.

If you have never made a tree friend, I would suggest you try sometime. Trees hold much wisdom and knowledge. Humans could learn a lot from trees, they stand strong and firm where they are, they show us death is beautiful, and how important it is to have roots.

Next time I go, I will try to remember to bring my camera so I can take pictures for everyone to see.

Beautiful day


Today is such a pleasant day. It seems more fall like, the air is cooler & lighter. I can feel us moving out of the heat of summer and into the cozyness of fall. One thing that I particularly love about this time of year is being able to open the widows and let the fresh cool air inside my home. There is a certian bliss that I find is having fresh air in my home. It helps move the enegry of my home, keeping it light and relaxing.

Another thing that I truly love about fall, besides the comfot of a sweatshirt is the ability to walk around barefoot. In the heat of the summer the pavement gets so hot that I cannot walk on. There are even times with the grass starts to get crunchy and I’m unable to walk on it. When fall arrives the grass is lushes and inviting. Walk around barefoot in the grass, it will do you good. Connect with mother earth, she has much to offer.

There are so many magical things about fall.  It is my personal favorite time of the year. There is so much beautiful to be found. Get outside and enjoy it while you can. Before we know it, winter will be here and we’ll all be stuck inside again. Picture_20160823_112609939.jpg

Weekend Adventures

Yesterday was a beautiful day, it was in the mid 70’s and the humidity was low. So I decided that I was going to take some pictures while we were out hiking, it has been sometime since I’ve fed my love of photography.

First we went to the Gettysburg battlefield; we went back on a trail behind devils den. This is a trail we had already done but I never had my camera. I enjoy this trail for two reasons. One, it is far enough of the beaten path that most people don’t even know it’s there. Two, I feel a lot of energy in the area of the battlefield which is both Native American and solders. There have been times that I get a little overwhelmed in this area, and I simply as the spirits to leave me. That I am sorry that this happened to them but I am unable to help them at this time.  This is often an effective way to get them to leave me alone without being rude. I have to say that I was pretty obsessed with the sky yesterday, there were no chem trails! This almost never happens so I was so delighted and took a bunch of pictures of the beautiful blue sky. Here are some pictures that I took yesterday.

Gettysburg College Blog


After the trail had come to an end we decided to go to the Michaux State Forest. This is one of my absolute favorite forests in the area. There is something magical about this place that draws me back. On this return to the forest we decided to try a different hiking trail. We saw on the map that there was an overlook, so we decided to do that trial. I am a sucker for a beautiful overlook, even if the way up to the overlook is not so easy.  This trail was far easier than I thought it would be, it only took us about a half and hour’s time to reach the summit. Which was a real treat, again I have to state that there were no chem trails!! So it added another layer of beauty to the view. We continued on, and as we did so it became more and more difficult for me to navigate. There were more and more rocks to climb around and in between, then the trail went straight up the mountain. This is when Norman (my dog) and I stopped and my husband pressed on.  While we were alone, we sat down on a rock and just felt nature. This is an area of the forest where there is no cell service; there are few hikers so it is just you and mother. I thanked her and all the elements for everything they give us. I asked to connect to her, so that she can allow me to feel all her love. If this is something that you have never done, I would highly suggest it. Mother earth’s energy is pretty wonderful; it’s so pure and loving. She will ground you and send you love at the same time. When I felt I was ready to discounted, I asked her to do so. I thanked her again and just sat in the peacefulness of the mountain.  Soon after my exchange with mother my husband had returned, and we descended down the mountain. Here are some pictures that I took here….

michaux state forest college

If you haven’t been out to enjoy all the nature has to offer, I highly suggest that you do. It is a great way to unwind, relax and just overall great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.  Get away from the television,  the computer, get your face out of your phone and go outside! Everything seems so insignificant while out in nature because it is.  Money problems, stress, and worry all mean nothing.We belong in nature, we are connected to the earth and the earth energy that surrounds all of us.

Nature is simple, and the energy it gives is simple. The trees, wind, sunshine, even the rain all have a message for us. To send positive vibes out into the universe but most importantly to radiate love from every part of ourselves. Just smile, love and be happy.