Find yourself

Unleash your inner goddess, your inner fire and your inner truths. Care more about your options of yourself then the options of others. Find what makes you, you and let yourself shine. Leave behind the traps and lies cement cities have been telling you. Take a walk in the mountain’s, let the cool air dance across your face and messy up your hair. Take deep breathe of the crisp fresh air, let it cleanse your soul. Take in the beauty of the changing leaves, allow yourself to become one with mother earth. Connect to her, feel all the love she has for you. Let it engulf every ounce of your being. Inhale love and exhale hate. Talk with the trees, the wisdom they hold is far greater than our own. Our mother does not need us but we very much need her. She teaches us to be strong, and to endure all. She will be ruthless at times but what mother isn’t. If you love and respect her, she will return it to you. We are meant to live beside her, with her. Nature is our true home, the place where we belong. Take time to find mother it is where you will find yourself.

Sisterly Love

Many of have siblings, I am no expectation. My sister is 4 years older than me. Due to situations that were beyond our control I did not grow up with her in my life full time. I would see her on the weekends, but we did not really have that tight sisterly bond.

I basically grew up as an only child, I didn’t have to share anything and got mostly what I wanted and I was totally okay with it. I guess when I was younger it didn’t bother me that I didn’t live with my sister, I didn’t even really think about it. I would see her on the weekends, or at family outings but that is as far as it went. She felt more like extended family you don’t see or really talk to unless someone gets married.

As we got older, we started to talk more but I don’t believe the timing was right and we grew apart once more. There were too many unsaid things from the past that I couldn’t work. Having a tight bond with her is something that I wanted but as a teenager and even in my early 20’s I put little effort into it.

Recently we have reconnected once more, this time I feel that everything is falling into the place the way it was always meant to. We are both in a better place in our own lives that we can come together; helping, supporting and respect each other. We have released the old air of the past, and now have the possibilities for an amazing relationship to blossom. I have never known what it’s like to share a bond with a sister before, to truly feel connected. For the first time in my life I feel this way about her and it feels wonderful. Perhaps we were only meant to come together when we were older. We had to live separate lives to learn lessons we could not teach each other. Everything happens for a reason, I truly believe that. I am just over joyed that I have found another soulmate of mine; I have found only one other I share a deep soul connection with. My sister is another, we have spent many lives together it’s something old and deep. I have never been more proud and excited to say that she is my sister. For her to be a part of my life and me a part of hers; it makes me sad that she lives many states away.

If you have a sibling(s) that you have lost connection with call them, reconnect. Forgive yourself and the situation. We choose to hang on to things, if you just let go you will be find life is more enjoyable. Don’t waste time holding a grudge, you are only hurting yourself.  Life is more important than that. Love comes from within, let it shine so brightly that’s all everyone sees.

Rally Cross

Last weekend my husband and I attended a rally cross event. It was my first time attending, I brought my camera, and took photos.Going in I didn’t know what to expect, cars are not my thing and neither is watching them race around all day.

I kept an open mind going into it, thinking something new could be fun and if nothing else I get to spend the day with my honey.  After and eventful car drive (there was a moth in the car to which I overrated and acted like a crazy person) we had arrived. The day was absolutely stunning; the sky was so blue. It was low 70’s with a cool crisp breeze, just perfect. I watched as everyone started to arrive.

Right off the bat I noticed how friendly most everyone was and it was so refreshing to see everyone talking enjoying their time. We walked around the track in the morning before the race started so he could explain to me what all the cones meant and where people would be racing. They had the drivers meeting and went over safety, then the race began.

I watched the cars go by to get a feel for were would be the best places for pictures would be. I ended up walking to a bunch of different spots to get as many different shots as I could. By lunch time the course had gotten so dusty, I had a dirt tan. After lunch was over I did a ride along with my husband. I understand why it melts away his stress. You this tunnel vision and all you see is the track. I did a few runs with him and I was done, it made me feel like I was on a roller coaster (which I don’t care for).

Overall I had a lot of fun, which was unexpected. It was nice to get outside, meet new people and take photos. Anything that helps you relax in a positive way is worth doing. We all have stresses and sometimes you need to just forget about everything, even if it is for a few hours. This is what I have come to realize….Don’t let the chance to try something new pass you by, you may find that you love it.

These are just a few of the pictures I took form the event.

Rally X Collage.jpg

I am everywhere


I start this day as a new slate, a new beginning
I am not my past, nor am I my present
I am more than skin & bone
I am sunkissed skin on a warm day, warm & inviting
I am a walk on a crisp autumn day, breathtakingly beautiful
I am the stars you gaze upon, claming your soul & making you feel at home
I am everywhere, I am everything
For I am love

We all become our parents

I’m sure everyone has heard “You grow up to be like your parents”. Most of us say, I will never be like that but then we grow up and we actually do become them. We may notice it in little things that we do, or how we do things. For instance, my mother has always cleaned her sink. As a child and even as a teenager I thought that was so weird, why would you be worried if your sink is clean or not? Now that I own a home, I too clean the sink. I did it a few times without even taking notice but one day I stopped dead in my tracks and thought, oh my I’ve become my mother. I was shocked but then started to laugh, I had always thought this was so weird but here I am doing and enjoying it; thinking to myself this sink has to be spotless.

Now that I have done a week of soul coaching it has brought to my attention some issues that I do that I wasn’t even aware of. This made me think, there are so many things are parents do that we obverse, and view as okay behavior. Even if we learn later that this behavior is not acceptable, we still (more than likely) will repeat it. While doing my lesson for yesterday one of these truths came forward and for the first time I noticed something about myself that I had never seen before. As most of you know I am married, my husband loves me very deeply and I him. I know that he wont leave me, so because I know this there are often times I am mean to him because I know I can be. I know that this is no way to treat someone that you love, and that loves you but for some reason I do it anyways. The reason, I was shown this behavior as a child, I picked it up and thought it was okay and have being doing it ever since. I always thought my actions were beyond this but here I am, seeing the truth. It sucks to know that I am hurting someone I love for nothing. So, I took the steps to change it. Since I am now aware of this, I can be more proactive when I get upset to say  to myself “Why am I doing this? Is there a reason behind it? Do I mean it?” I told this to my husband, apologized for being mean and told him to tell me when I’m being mean because often times I don’t know when I am.

We pick up good and bad habits form our parents; we watch everything they do and for the most part what to grow up to be like them. So as you grow and learn be sure you are aware of the person you have become. Make sure that it is your trustiest form of yourself and not the reflection of things you’ve been taught. Brake the pattern, take the steps to rid yourself of the things that do not serve your highest potential.

Gemstone Bracelet

I was recently in search of a gemstone bracelet that was fashionable but also used the stones I love. I have had gemstone bracelets before but the stones were square and would jab my wrist when I would write. So I looked around at what gemstone bracelets were out on the market. I came across Third Eye Gemstones. I looked at their website and started to read about the company. With every bracelet bought they donate money for 30 days of clean drinking water to someone in need. So I thought “If nothing else at least I will help someone in need.” I browsed for a while at all their selection of bracelets. I finally choose the karma cleanse bracelet. This one has Black Agate, Howlite, and Snowflake Obsidian. I got my bracelet in a large size since I don’t like them tight around my wrist. I have had this bracelet for a month or so now, and I still love it as much as I did when I first got it. I love the fact that its high quality, fashion and you help another in the process.


If anyone of you are looking for a gemstone bracelet I highly suggest you go to and check out their selection.


Live simply, Simply live

Why do many of us live no life at all? We grow up, go to work at a job (most) of us hate, get married and have kids. We work our lives away for things we are told we should have or that we “need” and then we die. What kind of life is that!?


Working is a important part of life, we need to make money to have anything in this world. However, so many of us have a job for the paycheck. We are not passionate about what we spend so much of our time doing, and for some working at a job you hate can really be soul sucking. Sucking away every little bit of yourself, until you are sick or absolutely measurable. I am one of these people. I worked at a job for three years that was only supposed to be a temp job. I hated the work, it was physical in the summer which killed my physical body. It was mindless and boring but it was easy, and a paycheck. I enjoyed the hours, and that it was part time so I got comfortable and stayed. It was until recently that I decided (with the support of my husband) that enough was enough. I took a huge leap of faith and left my job. I had no idea what I was going to do next to make money but it didn’t matter to me. As soon as I quit I felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and started to feel better. I no longer had to go to a job that did nothing for my spirit that did nothing for me as a person. I focused on recovering from the damage that had been done to my physical body, and getting back to a oneness I had once had. That is when I noticed just how draining it can be to go into a place day in and day out that you hate, doing the same things over and over again. Seeing the same faces of people that you for the most part can’t stand or have no respect for. I have found my focus, and is this blog. My passion for writing has been life long, and my life’s mission is to help others. So why not help help others with my words. I am still blown away that my words inspire others, and help them. I am humbled and in awe by this. I have been through a lot of things in my life and I just hope to help another not make the same mistakes as I did or to simply  know that they are not alone, ever.


So my message to all of you, live the life you want for yourself. Spent money on experiences not stuff. The memories you make on new experiences will be more fulfilling than any material item could ever be. Travel, see the world. Let the cultures of others open your eyes and your perspectives. Spend time with the ones you love, and the ones that inspire you. Be kind, be gentle, and above all love yourself. Radiate love through you, so you can spread that to others. Anything that doesn’t bring you joy or happiness doesn’t belong in your life.


Just remember to live simply, and to simply live.

Let your light shine

Why are we so hard on ourselves? We should love ourselves, without any harsh judgments. What others say about us is none of our concern. People are always going to talk, they are going to rate you, and judge you. Don’t let this harsh world harden your beautiful heart. Wear your heart on your sleeve, be sensitive, and be soft. These show that you are real, you are human. The world needs more of this realness, desperately.
Others that bring you down, are unhappy with themselves and their lives more than you will ever know. Happy people lend a helping hand to those in need. They lift them up from their sadness and show them love. Whatever we give out into the world is like an echo, it will always spread to the next person. Vibrating its energy into everything that surrounds it. Life is like a boomerang, what you give out will always find its way back to you; and sometimes it will even hit you in the face.
There is enough bad stuff in the world, so leave an echo, an imprint of love and compassion. The world needs truth seekers, lovers, and authenticity. Let go of the baggage that is holding you back, and be free.

Soul coaching thus far

Going through this soul coaching has been a rough ride already. I am at day 3 and man oh man. This book asks questions I never asked myself before,let alone thought of. It has made me think about things on such a deeper level; to face truths I was to unwilling to see. It has brought things to the surface that I didnt even know were there. I feel different today than I normally do. I feel sad as if I had been yelled at for days repeatedly over and over. As if it is on some sort of loop in my mind. Replaying over and over until I get the message. I feel like a child, weak, alone and afarid. Hiding in the corner, trying to aviod being seen. There is no happiness, no joy, only sadness. Whatever lifetime this is from it was a tragic one. They beat me down with thier words, they use them like knifes; slicing away every bit of myself love. They have done such a good job programming me; I don’t know why I believe thier lies. A release is on the way, I can feel it. As this may not be so pleasant right now the result will be worth it. You must clear out the darkness so the light can find its way in…