New Year, Improved Me

2018 has already brought so many walls crumbling down, I know this will be a beautiful year of manifestation and making dreams come to life.

To celebrate the New Year I took a much needed trip with my sister to Las Vegas. It was my first time visiting there, and I was amazed by the beauty of the city. The dancing fountains were so beautiful that I may have cried a little, but what really got me was the architecture of the buildings. If only people built more things that they loved, putting their heart and soul into them, think of all the beauty we could create. I kept thinking how amazing humans are; building a city in the middle of the desert is incredible.

Even though I was amazed by the city and what man had created, I felt drawn to the mountains. Toward the end of our trip our room had a mountain view, and it was the best view if you ask me. I would wake up in the morning and soak in the beauty. Listening for the wisdom they had to share. Watching the sun come up and highlight the mountains was absolutely breath taking. Even though humans create some really beautiful things, nature’s beauty is next level. The next time I visit Las Vegas, I will be doing some hiking trials and getting in touch with the mountains.

While away on my trip my sister and I shared lots of laughter, made many memories and got to know each other a little better. While away I also was able to gain some perspective that I needed. Often times I need to take myself away from the daily routine of life in order to see what I want, where I am, and what I am doing. I now know what it is what I want out of life, what my goals are, and am going to work hard to make them a reality.

I also had the opportunity to face some fears while I was there. Both my sister & I are afraid of heights, so we decided to do the high roller. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was hard to stand up at first, but once I worked past the fear it was beautiful to see the city all lite up at night. You could even see one of the dancing fountains shows, which only looked more beautiful from that height. I wouldn’t say I conquered my fear of heights but I definitely got more comfortable. I wanted to zip line but I wasn’t able to do that this trip. When I return to Las Vegas I am hoping they have the zip line over the strip done, because I will be doing that.

The other fear I conquered was my fear of birds (this is a fear I carry from a past life, and have carried with me for a long time.) Facing this fear happened organically actually, my sister and I had went to The Flamingo for breakfast and decided to walk around the garden there. I got rather excited over all the duckies, fish, and flamingos. As we were walking around I saw people taking pictures with parrots. I looked at my sister, and told her I was going to do it. I gave her my stuff, and told her to record me because no one would believe me. The lady started to put these birds on me, and I was super nervous but once I worked passed my nervousness, I started to relax a little. I actually liked the white parrot the most, he kept looking at me so I would talk to him. haha. I actually enjoyed this experience more than I thought I would. It really made me see how foolish fears are, and how one bad experience can cause a lifetime of fear, holding you back from your full potential.

I am so proud of myself, and all that I have shown myself that I can do. I overcame so much this trip, all of which seem small and meaningless now but held me back for so long. This is the year of quick manifestation, expansion, growth, self-love and making dreams come true. I am recharged, refreshed and ready to get to work.

When working toward creating a life you want, remember….there is no “if” it happens, there is only “when” it happens. I am working my ass off now, so when my dreams becomes reality I will be ready. Life is about your frame of mind, if you tell yourself you will, believe it & work hard to achieve it, then it will come to you.  The universe will give to you what you put out, everything come full circle so be kind, spread love & work hard.

Never give up on your dreams, they are within your reach.



Xo Faye

Is fear ruling your life?

For most of my adult life I have thought that majority of people were afraid of death, and that this fear ran their entire lives. That is why they choose to let ego take over, and just put it on cruise control. But this morning when I woke up a profound thought came into my mind, one that I have been thinking about all morning and felt compelled to write about.

We all know people fear death, they fear coming face to face with all the things they have done in this life but what if it goes deeper than that. What if, the real fear is the fear of living. The fear of truly feeling alive, and living a life they have always seen for themselves.

Death it’s peaceful, it’s the end of everything (at least for this life.) Ultimately, death is easy, its comfort, it is everything most cannot find in life; this is why it’s so attractive. Living is hard, it’s challenging, painful, and raw. At times it can be downright miserable but it can also be the most blissful experience your soul as ever had.

Life & death are nothing to be fearful of. We all must live and we all must die. If you live a life of kindness, and compassion than death has no meaning. The sad reality for most is they are hard, cruel and self-involved. For these people I simply say, death is not what you have to fear, karma is. The force of the universe is you get what you give, karma cannot be escaped from, or paid off. She will always find you, even if it is not in this life; and even she is not to be feared. If you have dished out an endless amounts of hate, you should willingly take the hate that is then given to you; since that is what you attracted.

We do these things to ourselves, and most of the time it is without knowing or understand that we have. The law of attraction is what you think will come to be. If you think of all the things you don’t what to happen, that that what you will attract into your life. If you instead focus on all the things you wish to bring into your life, then that is what will find you. To quote The Dirty Heads “The love that you give will be repaid in full…” Everything will find its way back to you, so if for no other reason be kind, and show compassion for others. Living in fear only take you out of the present, you cannot enjoy life while living in fear. Take each moment of your life and cherish it; each breathe is a gift.

We are all struggling with life, we don’t need to be the reason someone feels worse about themselves. We are here to pick others up off the ground, to lend a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on. We are all in this together. We have chosen different paths for ourselves, different reason for being on this beautiful earth. Remember your purpose, find your passion and let yourself shine!




P.S. – I love you, I hope you are inspired by the words I send to you. Never give up and never loose focus. Dream big and make it happen! xoxo

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything; this is something I have always believe to be true. It isn’t about picking a side on this or that, it’s about believing in something. Believing in it so strongly that you would stand up for it; you would fight for it, even if that means standing alone. To me, I feel most of us have lost the fight in us. We are complacent with how we imagine life to be, doing as we are told and believing it to be true without question; trusting that our doctors have our best intentions at heart. Believing what we see on television whether it be on the news, or in an ad. Believing everything we read on the internet to be true and factual, without doing any further investigating for ourselves.

One huge area I see in this is the whole vaccination debate. You see both sides fight and belittling each other over a stance they both to believe to be true. Rather than finding out all the facts on our own, and making an informed decision, we believe what we hear on the news and read on the internet (from websites that aren’t creditable) to be true.

For me, and I may be alone on this, I feel that we should look into everything that goes into our bodies, including vaccines. It isn’t a matter of anti or pro, republican or democrat, taking a side will not help the problem we’re facing; it only keeps up further from it. We must look beyond the lies of the news outlets, we must look beyond what we believe to be true, and we must look at both sides. If we stay divided than that only distracts us from what is truly going on, it only aids the government or whoever to keep us blinded, to keep us “in line” and if anyone disrupts the system they are made a fool of and are discredited.  If we want the truth we must stand together, we must stop the endless fighting and name calling, we must stop labeling woman “terrible mothers” simply because she disagrees with vaccine. After all we all want the same thing, healthy happy children.

We do so many things simply because we are told to, and I believe it to be out of fear. Fear is if we don’t do the “normal thing” that we be labeled and outcasted; that our children will not get the health providers they deserve, and the education they deserve. That simply from once choice, everything could be taken away from your child. This to me is not right and should not be acceptable; it is all a scare tactic. One that works all too well, which is why it continues; I wonder what we all would do if we were not ruled by fear. All the amazing things that would be done through courageous acts, through following our intuition; just think of all the things we do out of fear on a daily basis.

The funny thing is, most of us are so wrapped us in our day to day that we are blinded to the fear that holds us captive. Stuck in a cage for our entire lives, never really living and never really being happy; not knowing that we hold the key to unlock the cage and set ourselves free. But this too we are afraid of, afraid of everything we could be, afraid of all the change that comes along with it, afraid of failing, afraid of trying and afraid of ourselves. When you live a life a fear, you can never truly be happy. Happiness only comes when you take a leap of faith, and trust that everything will be okay.


Step out of fear

For most of my life I have been afraid. I have been afraid of what people would think of me, and my truths. I’ve been afraid that I wouldn’t fit in; that my strengths make others feel weak. I have lived in fear so long, afraid of this and that.  Today is the day I step out of the shadows, I step into my own. Today is the day I throw caution to the wind, and live my life fearlessly.

It’s all or nothing, if someone doesn’t see me as I am than it is their eyes that cannot see clearly, not mine. I am a fairy goddess nurturing the things I care for. I am a free spirit flowing with the wind and wherever it takes me. Fear is no longer an option, it is only a restraint. I have stepped into my being and into my strength for the first time in my life.

I am here, I am present, and I am unafraid.


Last night I had a dream of a woman, she spoke to me. I believe her to be one of my spirit guides but I am unsure. She told me that I am a light worker that I always have been. I am close to finding my life’s work/or density. She told me that I need to listen to the whole sentence. Then I woke up. This is the first dream I have remembered in weeks, so I know that this is impactful in some way; or has a meaning to it. So I am looking deeper within to find the true meaning.

The first thought that comes to my mind is the when someone is talking to me and I am over the topic I stop listening. I know they are still talking but I have no interest in engaging in this conversation so I shut it out. This happens often with my husband, I asked to move to the next topic and he doesn’t. So I just stop listening, and stop talking. Another way I take this is that I need to stay open to the words and thoughts of others that are unlike my own. That just because they do not see the world as I do doesn’t mean there options are less meaningful or truthful. To not discount another because I could learn something; or see something from an entirely different perspective. Most often truths are found from talking to another that are unlike us. If both parties stay open to the possibility of growth then there is knowledge to be gained. It is only when we stop listening that we block ourselves off and everything is lost.

I asked the spiritual group that I am in about this dream that I had, and one person said that it could mean to hear not only with our ears but with our hearts as well. In this time of great difference we must show others the way of the heart. Take time to listen fully; don’t put your own spin onto what others are saying. If you have questions, ask. If you don’t understand what someone says or why they think this way, ask. Slow down; take everything in before coming to your conclusion. Don’t be so quick to judge, and you may be surprised what you find. What is important is how I allow it to affect me, how it opens my eyes to the world around me; to new outlooks and perspectives of life. To slow down, to see things from the eyes of another; love and understanding are what we need now. I see that now.

There is much turmoil in the states right now, so much that’s affecting the collective. We all must slow down and take the time to hear what people are telling us. See things from a different point of view. Put yourself in the shoes of another. We all must come from a place of love and not fear. Fear is what has gotten us to where we are; only love can break through. Find positivity in your space, slow down and find happiness in your own life. By doing something as simple as that, you will spread that to everyone around you. Love is the only way, It is clearer to me than ever.

We still need awakened

What this American election has taught me is that there is still many people that need to be awakened. They still live in a fear state, and by choosing “the lesser of two evils” they don’t realize that they are still evil. Evil is a term that doesn’t even resonate with me, I feel like that is a man-made term to describe negativity; to install fear into each of us.

The election has shown me just how badly this country needs a positive change. How divided we truly are; it’s shown me how alive sexism, homophobia, sexual assault, and racism are. It weights heavy on my heart. I am not sure how the rest of you feel about this but that fact Americans thought the best choice for us was someone who embodies these things, it’s very disappointing and saddening. I am not a political person; I am not here to debate or argue. None of that gets you anywhere anyway; people only talk to be heard. I simply follow my morals and what feels true in my heart. That is how I have always lived my life and will always continue to. I wear my heart on my sleeve so that I stay connected to it.

Though I am sad at the moment, I have faith in the universe and in the divine. In order to find paradise we must first go through destruction. I feel like this was a huge turning point for us, and we decide the outcome.

A glimpse into my soul

A few weeks ago, I saw a dear friend of mine; who also happens to be my reiki master. We did some past life stuff, but also did a tarot card reading. The cards told me that I should do mirror work. Earlier in the day we had discussed it, it something I had never done but have heard great things can come from it. My friend told me she had done this and all the experiences she had from it; and how it helped aid her in spiritual journey.

For those that do not know what mirror work is, it’s when you look in the mirror at yourself. You look into your eyes, since they are the window to the soul; you have an experience of some sort. I was hesitant to do this because of my dislike of mirrors. I am not sure what it is about them but I have never cared for them much. This is why I only have mirror in the bathrooms and don’t look into them often.

Well yesterday, when my husband was home I took the time to try this work. I went into the experience with fear so it only makes sense that I saw, what I saw. I sat down in my room; I got comfortable and began to look in the mirror. After several minutes passed my eyes began to water (which still makes sense to me, since I was still blinking like normal.) Then I saw my face change, it was a face of what I can only assume I demon would look like. It had bumps all over its red skin, it was just darkness. After I saw this face I got a terrible headache. It was at this point that is discounted the work. Everything I had feared about the experience is what I saw.

I don’t know if I saw what I saw because of the fear or if there was a reason. For me this is how I took it….

From all my past life work I know that there was a time when I gave into the darkness. It was easy and I wanted revenge so badly that the cost did not matter. For this I am forever linked to the darkness, it lives inside of me. It is not who I am but it is a part of me. I do not accept these parts of myself, I hide from it. It wants to be free, but I only try harder to lock it away. The reason I saw this face first and so quickly is because it is the part of myself that I need to accept. It is not who I am but it was who I was once. And for this running from it only means I’m running from myself. I need to accept all parts of myself, negative and positive because all of these things make me who I am. We cannot have light without dark. Once I accept this darkness as my own, I will have no reason to be fearful. I will have control over my life and over my actions. Something that I must understand is just because we have a darker side to our soul doesn’t make us a bad person. In fact, it simply makes us human. I am a work in progress; I am getting where I need to be and where I am meant to be.

Owning our darkness is one of the bravest things we can do for ourselves.

Take a risk

Today when I did my soul coaching, it was a talking about fear. How they fear holds us back and sometimes even defines who we become. The book was talking about writing a list down of all your fears, and how to make changes to face them. There was one fear that stood out among the rest; and how I have already made steps to releasing it. This is the fear of taking risks, and of failing.

I have written down my feelings and thoughts since I was a young girl. As a teenager I would write down everything I was feeling, print it out and then burn it. It was my way of releasing the pain I was feeling and for me, it was effective. As I got older and began to start my journey of self I started to write more about the things I was learning and starting to experience. I would keep these thoughts private, only sharing with myself the truths I had come to believe.

One day I shared of my writings with my husband. He told me how inspiring my words were, how I could touch many hearts with the things I talked about. His response wasn’t what I expected, I don’t really know what I was expecting but I just knew this wasn’t it. He is the one that gave me the idea to start a blog, and to share my wisdom with the world. I suppose the timing wasn’t right and I did not take action on his suggestion. It wasn’t until sometime later that I let a teacher of mine read my writings and the way it touched her was a shock to me. Seeing her response to them showed me that I do indeed needed to start a blog.

I was unsure how the world would take my words but it didn’t matter to me anymore. If I could touch a soul in a deep way and help them in their lives, that’s all that mattered. Now with the outpouring of love that I receive from all of you I am working on a book and other exciting adventures. All of which would not of happened had I not taken a risk.

This is what life is about, taking a risk. For me, I had to learn this lesson to show myself that I can be successful at things I have always loved doing. I can be exactly who I want to be as long as I stay truthful, and loving with myself and others. I see a change myself like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a cocoon; transformed by the beauty she has become. You too can be transformed if you simply take a risk, if you simply live.

“When we see through the eyes of fear we are blinded, it is only when we release these fears that we see the beauty within ourselves”



Soul Coaching

I’ve started to read Soul Coaching by Denise Linn. After reading the first few pages it has me thinking all kinds of things. So for those of you that are unsure what soul coaching is, it is aligning your inner spiritual life with your outer life.  It helps to clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter.

Who are you and who do you want to be? Do they align? For me this answer is yes, however I have not reached my full potential yet. I am getting better every day; I am better than I was yesterday and tomorrow I will be better than I was today. How’s your anger? How about your guilt, regrets? You think that you know yourself so well until someone comes along and as you questions like this. It makes you stop and examine everything. What are your beliefs? The ones that you believe down to your core, the ones you were not taught to be true but the ones you know are true.

What’s your self-esteem like? Is it in line with how you want to treat yourself? Personally, that answer is yes, to a point. I always have room for improvements, of course. We all have improvements that can be made, even if we don’t know they are there. For intense, I would like to rid myself of the little voice in my head that is so hard on myself. Always telling me I can’t do something, or what I do isn’t good enough. I have gotten better at ignoring this voice but sometimes it seeps its way in and gets to me.

The big one for me is fear; it does not align with where I want to be compared to where I am.  I fear so many things of which are not important. What is important is that the fear I hold inside of myself holds me back from being the best version of myself. This is what I want to change; I want to release the fear. Fight through it and do whatever it is that I’m afraid of. So that fear can no longer hold me back from being free. I want to be like a butterfly, flying beautifully without a care in the world.  Going where ever the breeze takes me, taking some time to sit on a flower and take in the view. I want to be free, to break through all the walls, through all the garbage. So I can come out on the other side, stronger and wiser than ever before. Knowing yourself is the first step to freedom, so let’s get going. There is so much to be done….