Dream catcher

In our home we have a spare room in the front of our house, which I have converted into my room. It’s where I put my crystals, tarot decks, just everything I love all in one space. I burn sage and sweet grass daily, often as I write to help me find my center. I recently made a dream catcher, whdreamcatcherich I have become quite fond of.  I hung it in my room, on a curtain rod; so it can hang in the window and show the world its beauty. It’s my favorite spot in our home, I love to just look out the window through my dream catcher and see the clouds passing by. Or watch th
e dream catcher dance with the breeze. There is something so magical about it, that I can’t take my eyes off of it. It puts me in a trace like state; it just relaxes me and helps me retreat to a place of peace. I often look through the web part of the dream catcher and out into the sky. I’m not sure why I feel so comforted by it but I just cant seem to look away. As a whole the dream catcher just radiates such beauty and love. I guess that is what happens when we put a piece of ourselves into the things that we create, they radiate all the love we put into it. Never stop creating, and never stop putting yourself into the art. Everything you create is a masterpiece, and you are your best piece.