Who Inspires You??

Who Inspires You?

This is a question I have been asked recently; it sparked something inside me and made me see just inspiring others are to me. I never noticed how many inspire me each and every day….

My husband is my daily inspiration, he works so hard for us so that I can stay home and pursue my dream of writing and inspiring everyone to simply love. Without him none of this would have happened, he inspires me to grow, to keep working hard, and have faith that everything will work out for the better. His love runs so deeply for me, and that in itself is an inspiration.

My dog, Norman inspires me to take time for myself, he reminds me that rest is important part of life. He inspires me to love the people that surrounding me, to hold no resentments or ill will. Just love them, and always be happy to see them. You never know when they will be gone.

My grandmother inspires me, even though she is not in human form anymore. The things she taught me, have never left. She inspires to be the beautiful goddess that I am. By being exactly who I am, no fake acts, no walls, just me through and through. She inspires me to always say kind words, saying hateful things only make you look bad. She inspires me to dance around like no one is watching, simply because I enjoy the song on the radio. She inspires me to be free, and live in happiness. She inspires me in so many ways, I’m sure I don’t even notice some of them.

The beauty of nature inspires me every day. I get most of my ideas for my writing while sitting on my front porch surrounded my lovely plants and gardens. They inspire me to grow roots, to be firmly planted but to also be free to share my beauty with the world. I simply need to be showed with love to blossom. They inspire me to be positive and share that energy with the world.

My hooping inspiration is Deanne Love. She inspires me to have fun with hooping while I’m learning something new. The love that she has for hooping shines through, and inspires me to pursue my love of hooping. It may be different and others may not understand, that’s okay. It isn’t my problem what others think of me. She inspires me, to never give up, even when I’m not getting the trick. Without her, I wouldn’t be the fierce hooping force I am today.

Most people, even strangers, inspire me. They inspire me to be more myself and radiate love more than ever. They inspire me by showing me who I don’t want to be. They inspire me by teaching me lessons of patience and understanding. The lessons and wisdom they share with me is often in part where my inspiration for writing comes from.

All you beauties inspire me. Keep fighting for what you want out of life. That is beautiful stuff, and you inspire me to never stop fighting, to never stop growing and to never stop loving. You are the true inspiration.

The world is a funny place, everyone you come into contact with affects you, mold you in some way or another. Everyone comes into your life for a reason, nothing happens by mistake or by chance. Be inspired by others, let others lift you up when you are weak and lift others when you are strong. The world is filled with so much beauty, make the most of it. You never know when it will be gone. xoxo

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New Video, Hooping!

Hey you!

I figured for this weeks video I could stay with the theme of loving yourself and share with you what makes me love myself. Hooping!! In the video I tell you how it helps me in my daily life, and hows me on a personal level. I want  you to share what makes you love yourself!! I love seeing all the different ways people express themselves!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and a even better day!


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Dog Life

Yesterday I took my dog, Norman to the vet for his yearly checkup. In the previous times he has gone to the vet he has been a hand full, so I asked my mom to come along with me for back up. As soon as we walked into the vet’s office, he began to panic.  I check him in, got his weight and they put us in a room. He was clearly stressed, he started to shake and shiver; shedding hair like it’s going out of style. I sat on the floor with him, which helped. My mom and I were talking to him, petting him in hopes of claiming his nerves.

The vet tech came in and he tried to hide behind me; I told the tech that he didn’t like the table and it would only lead to further stress on his part. So she examined him on the floor as best as she could. He didn’t allow her to get his temperature, or for her to even touch him. I tried to show her his teeth and inside his ears as best as I could. She left and we waited for the doctor to come in. During this time we got him to calm down, he actually sat calmly on the floor while we waited. He looked relaxed and at peace that we were there with him.

Then the doctor came in, she was unable to get on the floor due to her back problems, so he had no choice but to go up on the table. Which lead to him being instantly panicked and stressed again; the vet tech had to hold him down because he tried multiple times to jump off the table. Which would have resulted in him probably breaking his legs; he wiggled trying to get away but he couldn’t. I tried petting him to help calm him but that did not seem to help. He allowed the vet to examine him, as if he had a choice. She finished the exam and it was time for his shots; this visit he had to get 4. He took them like a champ, and got a treat at the end; which he would only take from my mom since she did not part take in the shots of the exam. Norman was mad at me all day, but he got over it when he wanted mama cuddles.

This morning his shoulder seems to be sore, and he hasn’t eaten anything. I am going to keep a close eye on him today; I may end up calling the vet just to be sure that he doesn’t need to go back. He is resting now, so we’ll see how the day goes.

He can be very dramatic when he wants to be, but he can also be just as loving. He doesn’t understand that mama takes him to the vet because I love him and not to torture him.