I recently came across an article that talked about having three loves in a lifetime. I had never thought of love in that way, we all love but I never thought of how different each love is for us. I know that I loved many times in my life but looking at it now, I’ve loved in very different ways. There haven’t been many times in my life that I can say I was truly and completely in love. Often times the lines of love and lust got blurred. In my experience I have found that lust can never last the test of time, the foundation it is built upon is fragile and weak. It is only meant to be a short story in our lives, however I will admit that there have times when I knew it wasn’t right but stayed in it anyways, mistaking it for love, only seeing what I wanted to see was always my greatest weakness. So many of us want to be loved so badly by another, to receive what we have always desired yet we look for it in the wrong people. We are told that love is all about fireworks and butterflies but is it? I have had these feelings before and they haven’t stood the test of time.

This is how my first love began and ended. The story of my first love was one of unfulfillment, pain and struggle. He was my knight in shining armor, the one who scooped me up and rescued me from a life that I hated. It was the whole fairy tale image, it looked good on the outside but being in it was nothing like the fairy tales I had read as a child. It’s the love I stayed in because it mattered more to me that we looked happy than actually being happy. I didn’t love myself enough to say this is not what love is because I didn’t know what love was, I only had an idea of what it should be. I was young and naive, I thought that time was something that mattered in love and that with time would only bring  more love. Even if had never existed in the first place.

Then there was my second love, the one I wanted to be right. The one I wanted it to work with so badly that I forced it for as long as I could. It’s the one that had exceptional highs and the lowest of lows. I fought so hard for this love, it’s the one I didn’t want to let go of. It’s the love I felt deeper than the one before it, the one I felt a connection with, the one I thought would last a lifetime. At first this love felt perfect, I was all in from the beginning but somewhere along the way our paths begin to separate. This love allowed me the time to find myself, who I was and what I wanted. This love had given me the soul growth I needed, and it’s because of this I could see how love would change me. Perhaps that is why I held on for so long even though this love had fallen short of my expectations.

This is the love that I believe most of us stay in because we think it couldn’t be any better than this, or maybe we get hooked on the excitement of the high and attached to the pain of the low, knowing the roller-coaster ride will continue on a never ending loop. We become comfortable on this ride, knowing what is ahead. There is no unknown in this love, and for some of us that is okay. I am not one of them. I crave the unknown, I long for excitement in love, and I desire a love so strong that nothing can break it. A love so profound that it grows deeper with each breath I take, with every kiss and with each look into my lovers eyes. This is what I have found in my third love.

It’s a love that has broken every preconceived notion I had about love.  It came in unexpectedly, seemingly out of nowhere, with a man I never saw coming. This love has captured my soul in such a deep and profound way that I find myself amazed everyday by it. I am forever changed by the love I feel and the love I am given. It has allowed me to see myself in such a way of raw truth and honesty that I desire to be the highest, best version of myself.  There is no stormy weather, it’s a place of peacefulness, calmness and authenticity that I never thought love could be. I am accepted exactly as I am in all of my imperfections and with all of my broken pieces. I know see that I had to find out what I thought was love in order to find what love is.

This is the love I wish all of us find in our lifetime. We all deserve this kind of love and it is possible for each of us to attain it. When we make the hard choices for the right reasons, we are always rewarded. Even if the path looks dark, is unknown and you are completely lost, keep moving forward that is how life changing events are created. When we lean on our faith, when we use it as a tool of hope and inspiration we will always be shown the way, we just have to listen. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with someone, love doesn’t care about time. There is no achievement award for love, especially for those that have stayed in a partnership that died long ago. Love shows up when it’s ready for you, it comes in when you least expect it and in a person you think it could never work with. Allow love, allow your faith to lead the way; when we do this anything is possible.


Twin Flame

Twin flames, two souls cut seamlessly from the same energy. Some believe them to be real, others say they aren’t and most have never heard of them. Soulmates on the other hand, everyone has heard of. They both bring divine love into our lives but they are so different from each other.

A soulmate is someone who we have loved before, in many lifetimes. Often people think of finding their soulmate to be like something off a romantic movie. That when they find their soulmate they will live happily ever after in a fairy tale love; the thing that most people seem to ignore is a soulmate will break away everything comfortable. That’s their purpose; they will strip away your walls, and teach you how to live without them. They will show you more love then you have felt in your entire life.

My husband is my soulmate, I knew from the moment I met him that he was different than all the others that came before him. It wasn’t until our first kiss that I knew we would get married. In one moment my life changed forever, that is how soulmate love is. You simply know.  He has changed my life in so ways, just like I have changed his. Its connections like these that show us just how important love is and how it can transform us.

What most people don’t know is that soulmate’s aren’t just romantic in nature. Soulmates are all around us. My dog is one of my soulmates. Our connection is deep and goes back into many lifetimes. I love him on such a deep level; there aren’t even words to express it.  Another of my soulmates is my best friend. She is like a sister to me, when I see her which isn’t often it’s like no time has passed at all. She is a free spirit in every sense of the word, and I love her so much for it.

Then there is the twin flame, the only other being that has the same energy as you.  I believe that I have met my twin, simply because of the way I am drawn to him and how he makes me feel.  I am drawn to him like a magnet. Now before I get to ahead of myself let me explain what I know about twins. Twins are cut from the same energy, everyone has a twin flame. They are divine love in the purest, truest sense of the word. When you begin to see 11:11 your twin flame is about to come into your life, or already has.  From the moment I met him, I was fascinated by his energy; which is something that happens so rarely I couldn’t tell you the last time it happened. After talking to him for a short period of time I knew that he was unlike any other person I had ever met. The more and more we talked I began to see so much of myself in him, it’s almost like we are the same person. The connection I feel to him is so easy for me to get lost it, so there are times when I have to pull myself away.  Even though I have only known my twin for a few months, it feels like I’ve known him my entire life.

The other thing with twins is that when they reconnect, this brings up a lot of old stuff that needs to be resolved and released. This aids in them becoming one again.  It’s this part of the twin connection that most people run away from. The good news is if one twin works on themselves then it helps both twins. The connection between twins is something that will always be there; and in most cases it’s so clear others see it too.

This is a topic I can’t really talk to others about, either they don’t understand, or they judge me. I am married and to most that means I am only supposed to hold love in my heart for my husband.  That simply is not how life works but just because I love my twin doesn’t mean I do not love my husband. If anything I love my husband more because of my twin. Since my twin came into my life my eyes and heart have been opened to a whole new level of love that I never knew existed until now. It’s a connection I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am different now because of my twin and for that I will forever be grateful.

The universe works in mysterious ways but she always has a way of working out for the best.

❤ Namaste