Take time to be still

Today I drove out to visit with my grandmother. This is something that I do as often as I can; as her energy can still be felt at her resting place. Some of you may think that it is “strange” to hang out in a graveyard for an hour or more at a time but for me it is recharging.

My grandmother has always been a driving force in my life, even when she was alive. She taught me many things about life and what kind of human you should be. Just because she has transitioned into her true form doesn’t mean it all just disappears.

Visiting her is my way of saying “Thank You”, it’s my way of reconnecting with her. Feeling her loving arms wrap around me, it is a beautiful reminder that the ones we love are never too far away from us. It is my way of slowing down and being present. I love the stillness, feeling the sun on my skin and the cool breeze touching my face, the quiet, I enjoy it all.

It’s so rare that we slow down and enjoy the day, or enjoy the moment as it comes. Moments pass us by so quickly, we have to enjoy them when we can. Visiting grandma is where I am find so much gratitude within myself, where I give back to mother earth. Giving her the love she so freely gives to us.

Enjoying the present is one of the best parts of living. The feeling of calmness cannot be compared to anything, it is peace in its truest form.  Take time for yourself to enjoy the little things in life, they are the best parts of life.



Death & Rebirth

Over the past few weeks I have been going through quite a transformation; just as everyone else has. I feel as if I have just awoken from a long nap. I have done a lot of dying lately, turning to ash so that I may be reborn. More myself than ever before, with so much more love to bring to myself and the world. When you transform the way I have chosen, when you build the fire so big you can’t take the heat that is when true beauty is created. You allow yourself to die in a way, there is no past, not that matters anyways. There is only now, and what lies ahead.

In the death and rebirth of myself I have found so many treasures within. The things that always made me different from everyone, the things that always made me stand out, even when I wanted to hide. All of those things shine so brightly within me now.

Anyone can do what I have done. You simply have to be willing. Be willing to do the work. Take the time. Embrace change. Let go. Trust. Relax.

There are so many people gunning for you to be who you were meant to be, you just have to gunning for you too. Don’t ever give up on yourself. It is never too late.





Is fear ruling your life?

For most of my adult life I have thought that majority of people were afraid of death, and that this fear ran their entire lives. That is why they choose to let ego take over, and just put it on cruise control. But this morning when I woke up a profound thought came into my mind, one that I have been thinking about all morning and felt compelled to write about.

We all know people fear death, they fear coming face to face with all the things they have done in this life but what if it goes deeper than that. What if, the real fear is the fear of living. The fear of truly feeling alive, and living a life they have always seen for themselves.

Death it’s peaceful, it’s the end of everything (at least for this life.) Ultimately, death is easy, its comfort, it is everything most cannot find in life; this is why it’s so attractive. Living is hard, it’s challenging, painful, and raw. At times it can be downright miserable but it can also be the most blissful experience your soul as ever had.

Life & death are nothing to be fearful of. We all must live and we all must die. If you live a life of kindness, and compassion than death has no meaning. The sad reality for most is they are hard, cruel and self-involved. For these people I simply say, death is not what you have to fear, karma is. The force of the universe is you get what you give, karma cannot be escaped from, or paid off. She will always find you, even if it is not in this life; and even she is not to be feared. If you have dished out an endless amounts of hate, you should willingly take the hate that is then given to you; since that is what you attracted.

We do these things to ourselves, and most of the time it is without knowing or understand that we have. The law of attraction is what you think will come to be. If you think of all the things you don’t what to happen, that that what you will attract into your life. If you instead focus on all the things you wish to bring into your life, then that is what will find you. To quote The Dirty Heads “The love that you give will be repaid in full…” Everything will find its way back to you, so if for no other reason be kind, and show compassion for others. Living in fear only take you out of the present, you cannot enjoy life while living in fear. Take each moment of your life and cherish it; each breathe is a gift.

We are all struggling with life, we don’t need to be the reason someone feels worse about themselves. We are here to pick others up off the ground, to lend a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on. We are all in this together. We have chosen different paths for ourselves, different reason for being on this beautiful earth. Remember your purpose, find your passion and let yourself shine!




P.S. – I love you, I hope you are inspired by the words I send to you. Never give up and never loose focus. Dream big and make it happen! xoxo

Loss of a loved on

On Friday I learned that my aunt had lost her fight with cancer and had passed on. I tear up everytime I think about it, even as I write this. She was such a beautiful soul, never saying a bad word about anyone. Always sweet, kind and compassionate. She would only concern herself with the troubles that affected her, and her family. Something that I find truly admirable, she would never got caught up in the drama of everyone else. She was a private person but always wore a beautiful smile. Her smile would light up the room and was so infectious, you find yourself smiling. It was always a pleasure to see her, even though I did not see her often. She is a true Angel who has returned home to shine light upon us in a different way. I find it comforting knowing that she has found peace and is no longer in pain.

Even though you are now in your true form and have found peace I will miss you; until I see you again..

Today we lay her to rest, it will not be an easy day to say the least. Seeing everyone upset, makes me upset and I have my own grief to deal with. It is a downfall of being an empath. Seeing my uncle so heartbroken and lost, kills me. We all have made mistakes in the past but it’s never too late to start a new path. I feel the pain he is going through, and it is unimaginable.

There’s something about death that brings out the truth in all of us. Facing our mortality shows us what really matters, and that everything else is Just an illusion. Tell the ones you love, that you love them. Tell them everyday. Live with love and compassion in your heart. Always smile, and focus on yourself. Don’t fall into the trap that society has built for us. Stay free, and be happy. We all will die one day, live with no regrets and never look back.


While working on soul coaching today it once again made me think about a topic no one really talks about, death. When I think of how death is looked at in this society it is something to be feared. No one really talks about it and when we are faced with it, it’s always associated with sadness and despair. I know that some cultures celebrate life and have a party of it but that is rarely my experience with death.

When I was 14 years old, my grandmother passed away. This was my first experience with death. I was so upset at the loss of her; I remember that being one of the few times I hugged my grandfather so tightly. Their house wasn’t the same without her, it felt empty in a way. She had a beautiful spirit, so alive you couldn’t help but smile when you were around her. I am certain she had a negative side but I never saw it. I was unsure how to handle the death of someone I loved so deeply. All I could do is sit and think of all the wonderful memories we shared together. There is still a part of me that is sad she had to leave but the other part of me knows that she is know my guardian angel. She guides me and tells me when I’m on the right path and when I’m not.

My grandfather has since passed away, and his passing was much easier on me with this new way of thinking. I knew that he was ready to return home to all the ones he had lost. And that he and my grandmother would finally reunited after so much time apart. I had actually known my grandfather passed away before my mother told me. He had visited me after he passed; it was early in the morning hours. I was sound asleep, then suddenly for no reason I woke up. My grandfather’s energy was in the room, I could feel it. There was nothing said, I just knew he was at peace. My husband woke up and asked if I was okay. I told him “Poppy visited me, he has passed away.” I began to cry and said “Do you know what today is?” He looked at the clock and back at me and said “It’s your birthday” I smiled and said “Yes, but no that isn’t it. Today is grandma and poppy’s wedding anniversary.” When we returned home and my mother told me the news I was not shocked, I simply smiled.


So today I ask, are you ready for death? For me the answer is a simple yes. I have made peace with my past; I have let go of the baggage I carried around for so long. I have forgiven past situations, so that I can be free. I love with all I am and all I will be. I have spread love and happiness to all of those who have known me. If my life’s work is to come to an end today, I would be ready. The human experience is so challenging that returning home in my natural state of spirit seems like a dream. I have nothing to fear in death because I have lived a life of truth, love and happiness. I have died before and I will die again. Just as I as lived before and will live again. The only thing to fear, is fear itself.