Music Sticks With Us

As a child I grew up with country music, it’s all that my grandparents listened to and for the most part all that my father listened too. I remember the songs of the 90’s being relatable and meaningful. I still hold a love for the songs I grew up with and now that I am an adult I love them even more. Understanding what they are saying even more now, and relating to them in a different way.

There is one song that always stood out to me, and touched me. It’s “Stand beside me” by Jo Dee Messina. The chorus is what always stuck with me, it goes “I want a man that stands beside me/Not in front of or behind me/Give me two arms that want to hold me, not own me/And I’ll give all the love in my heart/Stand beside me/Be true, don’t tell lies to me I’m not lookin’ for a fantasy/I want a man that who stands beside me.” Even as a child I understood what she was saying, and I never let go of that. I have always wanted a man to stand beside me, too often woman are pushed around by men thinking they are property to be owned or objects. Or that they are to be controlled, or exist only in the background. I always knew the kind of relationship I wanted and to me this song was everything I wanted.

In a way it has guided me away from relationships where I knew I wasn’t be nurtured or given everything I needed (Read life of undying hope for more.)  In a way it led me to my husband, a man that always stood beside me. A man who sees me as his equal and has respect for me. Music is a powerful tool, it can touch us and lead us to tears. Or it can stick with us forever. What we listen to, who we hang around with all determines who we become, so choose wisely.