What is challenging you right now?

Often times when we have questions we look to the external world for answers, forgetting that we hold the answer to every question we may have within us. It’s when we go internally that we find the clarity we desire and are able to unlock situations in an entirely new way. Instead of fighting ourselves, if we allow ourselves to detach from the story and simply feel what our emotions are telling us, then we are able to let go to release and to find peace within.

The question I have been asking myself lately is, what is challenging me right now? When you ask yourself a question there is always an easy answer, this is the answer that pops into your head first. It’s the shallow answer, the one that requires little to no thought. Allow yourself to peel back the layers and go deeper within yourself. What lies just below the surface? Is it truth or a projection? What emotions do you begin to feel as you go deeper within? Explore them, they have a lot to say. Continue to go deeper and deeper into yourself, peeling back layer after layer until you find the core; the reason for why you’re acting this way or what you are truly feeling. This is the answer to the question, it takes work and effort but you’ll always find an answer; and it may not be one you’re ready for.

As for me what has been a challenge or even a struggle is finding a way to create my own prosperity abundantly in a way that feeds my soul. I have asked for help and guidance in this power struggle I continue to have with myself. I know that the answer is somewhere within, and that I just need to remember. I have worked diligently to surrender to the divine so that I can move beyond the power of fear. I feel with each step I take, each time I make an active choice to align my thoughts with what I wish to manifest I only bring it closer to me. I can see where I have gone wrong in the past; I’m making active choices to find something I love and to see it through to the end. I know that by doing this I am getting closer and closer to finding what I have been seeking for so long. When I align with myself, the universe aligns with me.

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