Reading for September 15


Lamb: Earth/North

Remember that nursey rhythm we used to sing as children “Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow. Everywhere that Mary went, that lamb was sure to go.” Thats probably because the lamb has a message for her.

Lamb energy is that of patience, peacefullness, and prophecy.

Lamb energy can speak to us in honest guidance from a friend or any person. If it speaks to you, then its a message from lamb. The same messages will be given to you over and over again, until you get the message…. and listen.

The truth the lamb gives us is a gift. To hear her messages you must be quiet and patient.

The energy of the north is expansive, wanting us to experience life with enthusiasm. North urges us to follow our inner guidance. Once we surrender to our inner guide we can drink in the sweetness of life, and learn how to go throughout life light as a feather.

The north is the direction of initiation, things are changing. Listen to what your intuition and heart is telling you. It will never guide you somewhere you dont belong.

If you’d like your own personalized reading, simply message in the “contact” section.

Xo Faye

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