Speak your truth

How often do you share your truth? I mean really soak in it; basking in the depth of emotions that you feel. When was the last time you spoke your truth? When was the last time you felt heard and understood?

It is my understanding that most women, and men, go completely unheard; unseen by those that mean the most to them. Coasting through life, completely numb to the things they feel, and how deeply those feelings affect them. When you do speak your truth, you feel judged, misunderstood, and ridiculed for feeling the way you do. Why have we allowed this type of emotion numbing behavior to go on, and for so long?

I know, for myself, there have been many times I needed to talk about something just to get it off my chest; to ease the weight that I feel and I have felt completely misunderstood, and like somehow I was looked at different because I felt this way. I understand how important it is that we share how we feel; speak our deepest truths and feeling comfortable doing it. Speaking from your heart, and standing in your truth is such a raw, venerable moment that can yield so many benefits; and yet most of us don’t serve ourselves in this way. Either we don’t allow ourselves to be raw and unfiltered or we don’t think anyone understands. While some people do not understand, there is someone who does because they have gone through the same thing.

I have decided to create a sacred, safe place for this exact purpose. I really believe that it is everyone’s right to speak their truths, and not feel judge by them. I want to create a safe, judgement free, supportive group, set to empower and inspire each and every one of us. I don’t want this to be just for woman either; I would love to have men that are allies to empowered woman a part of this too. I believe that it is important for men to help empower woman, and vice versa. We are all here to help, support and love one another. After all, we are all the same. It is time that we express ourselves freely and without a second thought. Let’s empower one another, support one another and make the world a better place.

I love all of you, and want you to know you always have a place to share and be supported. You are never alone, and never give up.

Xo Faye

P.s.- I have created a sacred space via Facebook. If anyone is interested I will leave a link below…..


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