Rose Colored Glasses

Walking in the battlefield today, I felt so much love. Then I noticed something I never have before, I am always wearing rose colored glasses. I am always so deeply in love. Not with a person, but with life. I am so deeply in love with our great mother, all of her creations, great spirit, father sky, the sun, the moon and the stars.

Simply put, I am in love with this human experience. Isnt that the meaning to life after all? To love deeply, unconditionally, and truly. Without selfish reasons, without attachments and without needing in it return.

As I contiune to grow, learn and release, I only become more and more grateful. Appreciating the process more each day. Everything takes time, especially healing that which binds us. Take the time to heal. Sit alone, and feel what comes up. Then when you’re ready, let it pour out of you.

Love comes to those who find gratitude in the worst of circumstances. Love comes to those who keep moving forward. Love comes to those who take the time they need. Love comes to those who love themselves.

The feelings I feel anyone is capable of feeling but not withouy the work that goes into it. You get what you give, so love deeply, wildly and so freely.

Xo Faye

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