Rose Colored Glasses

Walking in the battlefield today, I felt so much love. Then I noticed something I never have before, I am always wearing rose colored glasses. I am always so deeply in love. Not with a person, but with life. I am so deeply in love with our great mother, all of her creations, great spirit, father sky, the sun, the moon and the stars.

Simply put, I am in love with this human experience. Isnt that the meaning to life after all? To love deeply, unconditionally, and truly. Without selfish reasons, without attachments and without needing in it return.

As I contiune to grow, learn and release, I only become more and more grateful. Appreciating the process more each day. Everything takes time, especially healing that which binds us. Take the time to heal. Sit alone, and feel what comes up. Then when you’re ready, let it pour out of you.

Love comes to those who find gratitude in the worst of circumstances. Love comes to those who keep moving forward. Love comes to those who take the time they need. Love comes to those who love themselves.

The feelings I feel anyone is capable of feeling but not withouy the work that goes into it. You get what you give, so love deeply, wildly and so freely.

Xo Faye

Moon Transformation

The new moon is quickly approaching once again, so I like to take this time to reflect on the previous moon cycle.

The past moon cycle brought intense energies, and huge transformations. Since the past full moon I have felt like a snake in mid shed; eyes milky white, completely vulnerable and unable to see. Feeling the pull from many different directions at once, and my head filled with confusion and utter chaos. I had done my full moon ritual, and had felt with full intensity the power of the moon in her full power. Her power was so transformative that it left me reeling for several days; I had even lost my voice for three days.

I knew that everything I had asked for was being manifested, I just needed to clear myself of out dated clutter and obstacles within. I truly believe that losing my voice was exactly what I needed. It allowed me to go inward, to quiet the noise that was beginning to get so loud. Even though it was only three days, it was all I needed. It’s amazing how quickly we can manifest now. It’s so beautiful. Typically, it would take me a few weeks or months to clear but now it’s almost as quick as a snap of a finger.

Now I am left feeling renewed, and recharged. Head clear, and I know what it is I am meant to do. I am simply awaiting signs from the universe to know when to start; a spiritual green light. I am at ease, gentle, and more awake than ever. I understand the power of being in the present, and I am thankful for the moments that are given. I have complete faith in the universe, and great spirit. The universe has heard what I wish to manifest. The universe has seen the work I’ve put into them and is working behind the scenes to make them a reality. The universe wants you to have what you want, after all. That’s why it’s so important to keep your thoughts positive.

Looking back at the past moon cycle and all that I have finally let go of, makes me look forward to the new moon that is upon us and all that the universe, great spirit and our great mother has in store for me…and all of us!! So much beauty lies ahead….just wait and see.

How did the past moon cycle help you on your journey!?


Xo Faye