Three kinds of people

There are three kinds of people in this life; those that learn through the mistakes of others, those that must learn for themselves, and those who never learn at all.

I am one of those people who must learn for themselves, the hard way. I could see another do the same thing as I am, and how it turns out for them but I will never get it until I experience it for myself. This could be how I have collected so much wisdom in my life. I have made the same mistakes over and over until one day it “clicks”, and I think “Okay, this isn’t working. I need to try this a different way.”

The people that it never “clicks” for are the ones that need the most uplifting. From what I’ve seen of these people there is some sort of underlying issue that causes them to never get it. They ignore the lesson, hoping that next time they will get a different result, not understanding in order to get a different result you must go about things in a different way. These are the kinds of people who I believe need to find their own way, others cannot help them. Only using the help of others against them, or as a another way to be the victim. These are the kinds of people I give up on, not because I want to but because they are so draining that it isn’t worth it. The only way they can be helped is for them to hit rock bottom and find their own way.  Trust me, I feel as awful saying that  but it is the only way (I have learned) to deal with those kinds of people.

As for the people who learn from others, you are the whole reasons I started to write. The reason why I get so personal, and share my experiences. I admire those of you can see someone else going down the wrong path and avoid it all together. I hope that I have helped all of you on your journey of expanding and growing. I will continue to share my hard times, and short comings with you.

Remember to never let anyone, no matter who they are, drain the energy from you. We all need boundaries, set them and never allow someone to cross the lines you’ve set. It’s your energy, be selective and careful who you share it with.




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