Shifting into what is

What a week this has been already, and its only Wednesday. As most of you know about two weeks ago my husband got a second degree burn while at work on his hand. Well today is his first day back to work, he is on modified duty but he is happy (and so am I) to go back to work. He has to wear a glove to protect it from the sun but I think he is well on the road to recovery.

Beyond that there has been a lot of things stirring up with me. Yesterday was one of those days where I felt it the worst. With all the time I had been spending taking care of hubby, I had put myself on the back burner, which I now know was the worst thing I could have done. I lost my center, and my balance, which for me is rather hard to find once lost.  I spent most of the day aggravated and annoyed for reasons that I didn’t know. I saw myself getting frustrated by the smallest things, without reason. So I got away from everyone, and just read my book. I knew that something was going on internally that had to be released but it wasn’t time, yet.

I have felt a shift on the horizon for quite some time now, and yesterday was proof of that. Bringing old patterns that no longer serve me to the surface to be released. I saw this proved to me, many times yesterday. First there was the voice in my head saying “You should drive separate so you can get errands done while his car gets inspected.”  My husband had to his yearly car inspection done yesterday which should of only been a half hour, but he needed work done so it took 4 hours instead. I ignored the voice in my head, so we had to call his mother to come cart us around. Had I listened, it would have been no big deal.

The second sign I should have listened to is when I told myself “Speak up! Tell him how you feel! Find your voice, use it!” My husband was annoying me, and just over all bothering me but instead of saying anything I just pushed it down. The little voice in my head that used to tell me negative things is now encouraging me to use my voice; it’s encouraging me to grow and change in ways I truly need to. Old patterns coming forth to be transformed into light, making room for more positivity in your life; this is the message I hear. Which all seems to be a part of the shift that’s coming; its gets stronger and stronger by the day. Another thing that has been very clear to me lately is the fact that I am not this body. I am a living energy that is only dwelling within this organic machine until I am done here. When I look through these eyes I think “Wow! I am here again, I forgot how beautiful it is here.” When I see my arm moving I think “This is my arm, wow. I can move it, how incredible.” I am in awe over everything like I am seeing it all for the first time. Completely conscious and aware that I am a spirit having a human experience, seeing the world around me in such a new beautiful way.

Seeing more with my eyes, than with my heart. My heart sees the hopes I have for everyone but my eyes, they see beyond the mask of illusion. They see the parts that everyone wants to keep hidden, they see the truth. I don’t know what it is that is shifting and happening but I can tell you I am loving and embracing it. I see a lot of wonderfully beautiful things ahead for all of us, if  we so choose them.


Have a stunning day!


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