Deeper understanding of who you are

It’s crazy how one moment can change everything; make everything you felt or had crumble away in an instant. The pieces that you’re left with are the same hollow shell you used to be. The person you thought you had grown out of and healed from but she still resides within you. You are now here once again, stuck in this strange place of sadness, unrest and confusion; with no idea of which way to go.

Life is a funny thing, you think you have worked through those parts of yourself and yet they still return to be worked on and healed once more. I never thought that I would feel this way again, honestly I didn’t. I guess some traumas we have never really go heal fully; especially that trauma we have repeated in so many of our lives. The universe has a funny way of working, bringing up things within us so that we can cleanse ourselves from it; moving higher in our vibration only to be brought back down in another time, in some other way. I may not be to blame to for this state that I am in, but I am responsible for the work I now must do. I know that this has happened for a reason, and that it is now time for me to go deeper within myself and find what it is that I need to heal from. I am trying to be the same, to act as if nothing has happened but I am not one for make believe. I can only act the way I feel, and say the way I feel. I will not let this sadness, this strange grief get me down. I will stay strong in the love I have for myself, I will work through this and be a better, stronger version on myself than ever before.

The lesson I have to share with all of you is that no matter what happens in our lives, we are responsible for how we feel. WE have control over what affect us and what doesn’t. Others may help bring out parts of us that we didn’t know existed and that is their purpose. They are teachers, here to show us how to better ourselves. Feel the pain, let is pour into your soul. Release it and heal. These are how we evolve into deeper understanding of ourselves.

Planet yourselves in darkness so you can go into the light

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