Everything that happens in our lives, doesn’t happen to us
but FOR us

We wish for things everyday; often forgetting we just might get it. Everything that has happened to us, we choose. We choose our parents, we choose to be rich or poor, we choose everything. Our soul knows what it needs to heal, to grow, and what it wants. Follow it, our souls speak to us everyday,  listen. The more we suppress what our soul tells us, the more miserable we will become. Finding negative ways to cope, and negative ways of seeing the world. Embrace your truth, listen to your soul. It will always guide you to truth and love.

The things we are passionate about don’t happen by mistake, follow them, see where they lead you. Free yourself from the things you hate, don’t just simply coast by. Simply life, feel alive, and let yourself shine.

Shine so brightly the world has to wear sunglasses! 

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