Guiding light

This morning I woke up with an ear ache in my right ear. I haven’t had an ear ache in years, and my ear was fine before I went to be. So I knew that something spiritually was going on, and I needed to take some time for myself. I felt a release and a revelation coming forward so I took a deep breath and felt it….This is what happened….

This morning I wanted to lay down and just filter through my thoughts so I was looking for a hair tie. This led me to my jewelry box (which I rarely go into). I opened it and looked at my grandma’s frog ring; something told me to put it on so I did. It wouldn’t find on any of my ring less fingers, so I took off my wedding band and placed the frog ring on my finger in its place.

Once I removed my wedding bands, I felt a sigh of relief and freedom. So, I decided to cleanse them. They are still sitting in a bowl of salt. There has always been something about this frog ring that’s attracted me to it. Even as a little girl, amongst all the jewelry in my grandma’s jewelry box it always caught my eye. Now that she has passed away wearing it is something I rarely do. But wearing it now, it feels different than I remember. It is not only a beautiful ring but it holds beautiful energy. It makes me think of her which brings love in my heart and a smile in my soul.

She has always been an angel to me, sharing her endless wisdom with me. She reminds me even from beyond, to never give up. To show off all the scares and wounds on my heart as proof that I have loved so many so deeply. These scars remind me of all I have survived and all I will survive. Too stay strong, and to find strength in my most vulnerable of moments. She reminds me that I am love, and I carry the love of everyone inside of myself.

Most importantly of all she reminds me this is my time to become everything I was ever meant to be. This is my time to be selfish, to care only with what makes me happy. To break through the illusions of this reality and find all the truths I seek out; to be happy with myself, to trust in myself and the universe completely.

Thank you grandma, you are my guiding light in this seemingly never ending journey of chaos that is life.


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