My dreams last night were vivid and intense, but not only that it has just came to my realization that it is the first dream I have remember in weeks; making this dream even more insightful than I had originally thought.

I had this dream I was driving my car, it was a road that I can’t recall ever being on before. To my left was a farmer’s field, to my right was a small dirt lane to pull off but after that was a cliff. I was driving up a rather steep hill, in a state on peace and comfort. I noticed up ahead that there was a gasoline truck, speeding into the dirt pull off lane to my right. I slowed down a bit and took caution since I was unsure as to what this gasoline truck was doing. As I get closer I speed up a bit so that I can pass him, I get maybe 100 yards away from him and he puts the truck in reverse. Kicking up massive amounts of dirt into the air, and blocks the road. I slam on my brakes, and turn left hoping I will go into the farmer’s field for safety. I truly thought that this truck was going to ram into the side of my car. Instead of me going into the farmers field my car just keeps going in circles, until I slow down and stopped completely. As my car is doing this, the gasoline truck circle’s around me. The truck than suddenly hits the gas and speeds up the hill only to run off of the cliff. I move my car over to the dirt pull off lane and just sit there for a second. I thank the universe, angels, and my spirit guides for keeping my safe. People run from their cars to check on the driver of the truck, and come running down to see if I am okay. I tell them my story of what happened, and I wake up; heart racing, totally freaked out but okay.

Upon my waking the dream made little sense to me, I could only think of how odd a dream this was. I haven’t dreamt of me driving before, at least not that I can recall. To dream of a gasoline truck no less, is ever stranger still. So I posted my dream in the spiritual group I help admin to get an outside perceptive of what I meanings I could be overlooking.  One of the people in the group commented that it could be something as simple as me not allowing outside energies to affect me. Thinking in the way that the gasoline truck delivers its gas to the gas stations where we fill our cars with fuel, or food. It’s the same as going to the grocery store; they control what food is available for you to buy, to fuel your body. So in essence, I am not letting the outside world control my energy; I am my own person. I think for myself, I do not give up easily and stay true to what I believe to be true. Which is why the truck gave up and ran off the cliff to someone else, he could not feed me the lies he wanted to spread.

Thinking in this sense, makes everything I have been going through just click. It feels right, and feels true. This dream is so profound to me that it makes me grateful that I am aligned with the divine. That I am on the right path, to more positivity and more abundance; I am in alignment with where I am meant to be.


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