Birthday Love

Over the past few days I haven’t been feeling well so I have had no inspiration or any creativity to pull from. Hence, why I haven’t posted in a few days; I prefer quality over quantity. Anyways, my birthday is coming up next week so I have been doing everything I know to do so I feel better for my birthday and the upcoming holiday.

My husband surprised me and told me we were going out to dinner as an early birthday gift. So I took all my medicine, and got dressed to go out. Thank goodness by this point I was feeling better. We started to drive and as we got closer to the restaurant, I guessed where we were going.  This is something that happens pretty often, but I swear that his mind tells me. I truly believe we are linked telepathically. This is how I have ruined a lot of date nights and surprises because I just know what is going to happen. So we got to the restaurant and to my surprise all my friends started to walk in. The little stinker had set up this whole thing for me, which made me feel incredibly special. On top of that seeing all the people that came out to celebrate with me, just makes me feel so loved and special; it was truly heartwarming.

There are often times when I feel alone in the craziness of life but then to see all these faces around me to celebrate with me, just makes me see just how many people love and care about me too. This leads me to always remember that you are never truly alone; there is always someone out there that loves you. I had a wonderful time with everyone, I felt so light and free. These people are my soul tribe, the ones bring positivity to my life and nourish my soul. I will be forever grateful for these beautiful souls but then again they already know that.

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