We still need awakened

What this American election has taught me is that there is still many people that need to be awakened. They still live in a fear state, and by choosing “the lesser of two evils” they don’t realize that they are still evil. Evil is a term that doesn’t even resonate with me, I feel like that is a man-made term to describe negativity; to install fear into each of us.

The election has shown me just how badly this country needs a positive change. How divided we truly are; it’s shown me how alive sexism, homophobia, sexual assault, and racism are. It weights heavy on my heart. I am not sure how the rest of you feel about this but that fact Americans thought the best choice for us was someone who embodies these things, it’s very disappointing and saddening. I am not a political person; I am not here to debate or argue. None of that gets you anywhere anyway; people only talk to be heard. I simply follow my morals and what feels true in my heart. That is how I have always lived my life and will always continue to. I wear my heart on my sleeve so that I stay connected to it.

Though I am sad at the moment, I have faith in the universe and in the divine. In order to find paradise we must first go through destruction. I feel like this was a huge turning point for us, and we decide the outcome.

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