Drama isn’t for me

Last night my husband and I were talking about drama’s that are going on in our families. How angry everyone is, and how everyone yelling only makes the entire situation worse. Name calling when you’re angry or in general brings nothing constructive to the disagreement; all it does it make things worse. Words spoken in anger are usually words we wish we could take back. That’s the thing about words of anger the pain they leave behind never really fades away. The first cut is always the deepest.

I told my husband that they should not resort to this kind of behavior, that more can get accomplished by talking. That name calling is beneath them, and if they spoke up and told people how they feel then it wouldn’t of gotten this far. What he said next really surprised me, he said “This is why everyone gets upset with you; you always take the high road. Sometimes I don’t want to take the high road, when I’m angry I say whatever comes out. Your too hippie dippy for me sometimes.” Still now, this statement makes me starch my head in confusion. I told him “That statement zero sense to me. When you get angry and call someone a terrible name what do you think that does to them? What does that do to you? That’s your ego, telling you it’s okay, and encouraging that behavior. It is unacceptable for me to believe that is okay.” He said sometimes he just wants to call someone a bad name. I told him how does any of this makes sense to you, I am disappointed I thought you were better than that.

Calling me a bad name when your upset only upsets me and then you feel like crap for making me upset. So how is any of that useful? How can you justify that in your mind? He says that’s just how some people are; which is a huge reason why I don’t understand most of the population. If you tell people how you feel when they upset you, then you don’t need to resort to yelling and name calling. It’s all one huge ego trip, and I wish everyone would notice this. When people yell they are no longer talking to listen to the other person, they are talking to only be heard; and nothing good comes from that. So I will always walk away, and leave all that garbage behind. I understand that everyone is angry, and that is okay but it is all in how you work through your anger that matters. If people get pissed off at me for the way that I am, then they aren’t mean to be in my life. I am the way I am and I will not apologize for it. I have lived most of my life in a house filled with fighting and negativity,  and it has no place in my adult life.

We are all different. We all think differently, would do things differently and act differently. Once we all come together in our differences than perhaps we can leave the acts of ego behind us.  The ego only holds us back from our own happiness. No one idea is better than the other. Life is all about choices, we choose what affects us and how it affects us; we make them everyday, whether we know it or not.

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