Save the animals

Over the weekend my husband and I finally got the chance to visit East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue in Fairfield, Pa. We had wanted to visit for years but it never worked out until yesterday. When we got there I didn’t realize how big it actually was, or how many animals they have. We started to walk around and I began to look in to the eyes of these animals, and the wildness in their eyes was incredible. These are beautiful creatures that need to be saved, and that is exactly what the rescue does.

 These foxes were going to be sold and turned into furs until the rescue stepped in. They now have a safe, loving place to call home.   IMG_8789.JPG

And then there are the white siberian tigers, they’re retired show animals. IMG_8829.JPG

These animals are shown love and compassion; things all animals deserves. All of the animals are happy and healthy. Everyone who works there genuinely cares for the well-being animals and that’s a beautiful sight to see. The work they do there is nothing short of amazing. I am all about love and animals; this is the place were the two collide into one. If you are ever in the area I would highly suggest a visit.

 It’s important that we highlight the amazing work people like this do. To take action and save the lives of so many animals is nothing short of heroic. It many not seem like much to some but it’s everything to these animals. People like this are the beautiful souls of the world, they are seldom noticed, or recognized but it isn’t about being recognized; it’s simply about saving the animals that need saving. That is why I will always support and show my love to them.

 If you want to donate or simply read more about them here’s their website:

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