Election year of negativity

Something that seems to be unavoidable these days is the election. I am someone who does not vote, so I pay little attention to it. This election year is different though, it’s in  my face when I am not even looking for it. It’s the year that most people believe that the two choices we have are both unfit and are disliked. Personally I am sick of getting asked who I’m voting for, and getting a lecture when I tell them I am not voting. I am sick of the country being divided over this election, don’t people understand the government wants us to be divided. As long as we are divided we cannot unite as one and rebel. I will be happy when Election Day has come and gone so this endless negativity can end.

I have watched more debates this year than ever before, mostly because my husband watches them. The things I witness on the tv screen make me cringe, instead of getting to the facts and answering the questions asked. They name call, belittle, and rip into each other. They shape their truths to the way they want them to be seen, instead of how they are. Everything about it makes me loose hope in our beautiful country. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am not happy with either of these two representing me or my home. They show the worst parts of humanity, instead of the best. They should be someone that’s honorable, respectful and peaceful but they are none of these either. I don’t know how we got to this point in our country’s history but it is truly saddening. We will never know peace until we give up power, and that is something I don’t think will happen. I’m scared for what will become of our country, and of ourselves; we are headed down a dark path of distraction. The only way out is to be with the light. Stay peaceful when you are faced with hate. Stay within the light, so that you can spread it to another. It is always darkest before the dawn.

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