Childlike Wonder

I have thinking a lot lately about how children act.  They are honest, loving, friendly, and do what they want. They view the world with such shock and awe. The world is something to be explored and everything is magical. When is it exactly when we decide it is time to lock our inner child away? I wonder what we think doing this will accomplish.

On Sunday I got to meet a unicorn at our local renaissance faire. My inner child came out; she was so excited and let it show. I got to pet this beautiful white horse; I even had my picture taken with her. People laughed at my excitement level but I did not care. I will always be “too much” for someone, and those people aren’t for me. Anyone that says you’re “too much” isn’t deserving of your presence. You continue to be “too much”, you continue to be everything that makes people scared. The magic you have inside of yourself can change the world.

I have always let my inner child run free; she is the purest part of me. She is innocent and free. Loving what she loves and doesn’t care about what the world says. She will get excited over little things; she will laugh often and love just as much. That is what I love about her so much. Locking her away would only dim my spirit; it would make me sad and incomplete. I love seeing the world with childlike wonder; I know the darkness of this world but still choose to see all the light within it.

I urge you to talk to child, see the world in their eyes. Sometimes all it takes is a talk with a 5 year old to find perspective about life.

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