We own nothing

We all have things we possess in this world. We all own material things like computers, phones, beds…you get the point. But often times I notice that people believe they own another person or a pet. I don’t know about you but I have a hard time with this. The only things we can lay claim to owning is stuff; the people that we love, the animals that have become family we lay no claim to them. They are simply sharing their loves with us because they love us and want to. If a person doesn’t want to spend their lives with you they would leave, same as any pet. If they wanted to leave, they would.  You cannot make people stay when they want to leave either. I mean you can but they will only be there physically.

I have a hard time even saying my husband or my dog. I don’t know how to say it other than that though. We are linked together but yet I do not own them. They are free to do as they choose; I know that they will return to me when they are ready to. Freedom is so important in a relationship; allowing the time for each of you to do your own thing. So when you do return to your partner the time is cherished.

If you do think that you own another then you may want to look at why you think this way. Are you afraid of them leaving? Do you not trust them? Really analyze what is going on; there is a reason why you feel this way. Once you see it you can work on changing it. People will come and they will go from your life, let them. It doesn’t mean anything about you, some people are meant to leave so something better can come along; while others are meant to stay. Life is like a revolving door of opportunity, and only you can decide what comes through.

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