Judgments unnecessary

In my quest of finding my authentic self I have come to see the importance of not judging others. You hear it all your life but yet we still find time to judge. We make fun of and laugh at people at their expense. We all just want to be accepted so why do we do still do this?  In my experience I would make fun of others when I was bored, or because they were different than me. Often times the things I didn’t understand were the things I made fun of. Not knowing that I was lonely and sad and was reflecting that onto others. This is also why none of my teenage relationships worked out. You cannot be a negative person and expect a positive outcome that just is not the way life works. You get what you give, this is a lesson I have had learn the hard way, many, many times. It was not until I started to question my own motivates that my life began to transform. When I begin to judge another I take a step back and say “Wait. What is it about them that reflects me and causes me to judge them?” There are reasons why we judge the people that we judge; may it be jealously, envy, or hate. Whatever the reason, there is something inside of you that you’re reflecting onto them. There have been times when my husband judges a homeless person and tells me they should get a job if they are asking for change in parking lots. I told him “you don’t know their story, so it is not your place to judge.”  Its thinking like this that will transform your world. Try it out the next time you go to judge someone; you may be surprised what you find.

I have heard people say “that’s where you accept them for who they are and love them anyway”, this does not work for me. If I do not like the way someone treats others, or just the energy they bring to the table then I will not be around them for very long. I will not accept or love them anyways. When people are rude and nasty to others, I don’t believe that is who they truly are. It’s simply what they were taught and how they have had to be; I believe there is still good inside of them. Now that doesn’t mean I will stick around to bring out this good, I am simply saying it’s there.

There are few people that I feel deeply connected too but when I find one of these people it is easy to get lost in the connection. I have really only found a three or four people that I vibe with on such a deep soul level. One is my best friend, she is a gypsy in every way and I love her so much. The amount of freedom she has is something that I respect very highly. My reiki master is another that I vibe with; every time we are together we always get chills. I am not sure what links us in such a deep way but I know that something does.  My sister is one of these connections as well. I have just found this connection with her, which I have talked about before. Another is a new person that I have just felt this connection with, which has thrown me off guard. I have not hung out with them long enough to see why this connection is there but I know there is some reason. I am someone who looks for depth in my friendships; I don’t want to know what’s up. I want to know how your feeling deep within yourself, what your view of life are, what are the things you believe in the inner most core of your soul. This kind of depth is hard to find in our society. Every person that comes into our lives has a lesson to teach us, I am a true believer of this.

Open your heart, show empathy to others, keep a positive mind and watch your life transform before your eyes. The only people we can control is ourselves, so be the best version of yourself that you can be.

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