I love you

When I say I love you to a guy friends and they get weird; this is something I don’t understand. How did saying I love you only become okay to say to your parents or someone in a romantic relationship. To me, I love you means I care about you, thank you for being a part of my life, I’m glad we are spending time together. I feel like people often use it to only get what they want or to say it out of routine. It upsets me how loosely people throw around I love you and I hate you. These are both very strong statements to make. They either fill a heart with joy or fill it with sadness. Since they are opposites of each other love often turns to hate but how often dose hate turn to love? I know for myself, I do not say I love you to someone if I do not mean it. I will not lie just to keep another’s feelings from getting hurt. Some call me a bitch, or cold hearted for this, I call it keeping it staying true to myself. Lying to another to protect them from a hurt that will eventually come anyways only prolongs the heartache and makes it worse. Tell the people you love how you feel before it is to late, don’t hold back.  I am a person of truth and honesty, you do not have to give it to me but be sure that I will always give it to you.

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