Speak your truth

Something that often confuses me is people hiding their truth from others. If someone upsets you, tell them. Suppressing these feelings only makes them grow larger and fester inside of you. I do not understand how others hide their feelings because I am not one to do this. You do not have to be nasty and aggressive to speak your truth. You can do so in a loving way but stern enough to get your point across. Nobody will know how you feel unless you tell them; most of us cannot read your mind. Being truthful with others will encourage you to be truthful with yourself. If someone gets upset at your truth, you can only do so much in helping them understand. When people do speak their truth I’ve seen others beat them down or criticize them for it; speaking your truth is for you it is not for anyone else. Don’t allow others to have the pleasure of beating you down; this is only a reflection of how they treat themselves and not you. Keep doing your thing, stay true to what is in your heart and your soul. Keep a positive mind; show love and compassion to others and you will never be wrong.






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