Throughout our lives we are shown this love, even if our parents don’t show it is us, it is still all around us.  It’s in nature, in the star’s smiling down upon us. It’s in a flower that has bloomed, in the trees that shade us and even in the weed we pick. Love is something we that’s it is imprinted into us. Like the color of ours eyes, or the color of our hair. It’s woven into every inch of our being and yet some are so afraid of love. Some say that love is weakness, I say love is power.

There are some (like me) that love love; forever wearing our hearts on our sleeves. We love so much in fact that when we someone in need of it we are attracted to them like a moth to a flame. Whatever happened in the past doesn’t matter, we just keep on showing everyone love, especially those that we feel need it the most. I know for myself, when I see someone who is lonely or just in need of love I open myself to show them how wonderful they are. I have been lonely before with no one to show me the love I needed and I don’t think anyone should feel that way; you’re never alone in the way you feel. I believe that love will save all of us; love is truth, it all seeing and all encompassing.

Then there are the others who are so afraid of love that they always run at the first glimmer of it. These are the types of people I’ve always been attracted too, I see you’re damaged. Let me just swoop right in, show you love and fix you. I did this with no regard to myself or what I was giving away. A lesson I had to find out the hard way, many times over is that you cannot fix another person, they must do that for themselves. These are the souls that don’t know how to break the cycle they of their suffering. These are the ones that do not yet know that love can come in, save them and change them. When the right person comes along everything will change for them, if they allow it to.  I will not give up on these souls, the only difference is I now know when I need to take a step back and recharge myself.

Love makes me laugh most of the time. Love is the most difficult, and trying thing I have ever done. It takes courage, strength and a lot of patience. Being in love is all about finding that one person who annoys you constantly and yet you still want to be around them all the time. When two souls come together in love it is a beautiful thing. Don’t waste time running away, you cannot out run your problems or yourself. Everything will catch up with you eventually. We come into this world because of love, we are made from love, so why do we feel we shouldn’t live a life based on love.

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