We all have bad days

People often think that just because I am a spiritual being,  means I never have bad days. Being a spiritual being you experience a lot of crummy, negative days. The only way to clear out the negative is to feel it, and then release it. So yes, there are days were I don’t feel like dealing with people, so I don’t leave my house. There are times when I lose my cool, there are times when I am sad and depressed. The difference I guess would be that I don’t let the negative settle in. I know that the negative is just a passing storm in a sea of beautiful white light. Nothing is permeate not even the rain. I am human, I just do my best to say “okay! Enough is enough! I am sick of being down in the dumps! I am going get up and be happy! I am going to listen to music I love, wear things I love and create things I love! I am alive and I am beautiful!”

Life is all about mindset, if you sit around complaining about your life; then you’re simply reminding yourself to be negative. Instead of complaining, complement yourself. Share words of positivity with yourself and you will change your mindset. It may take time but you will start to believe. You are beautiful, amazing, and a goddess.  Never forget that.

2 thoughts on “We all have bad days

  1. Oh, this is so beautifully expressed!! ❤ I feel the exact same way! ❤ I don't like when people almost accuse me of choosing "the darkness", and not staying in the light, just because I feel sad about something! I mean, even Jesus got angry and depressed and felt despair, that is the whole point of having a human experience. But just like you, I don't enjoy complaining or being negative, so I feel how I feel, let it pass, and then seek out something fun to do. 🙂

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