If I wasnt so afarid

I wanted to share some things that I would do if I wasn’t so afraid. Writing stuff like down is often therapeutic for me. It is a way to see the things I’m afraid of in a different way; and even encourages myself to want to overcome them. Fears hold us back from experiencing the world around, these are some of mine.

I love the beauty of the butterfly but I am fearful when they fly. I know they are harmless and will do no harm to me, yet I am still afraid. I have had the opportunity a couple of times were a butterfly has tried to land on me. I swat it away before even realizing that I am doing it and it flies away. If I wasn’t so afraid I would hold a butterfly. I’d be captivated in the beauty I was able to hold.

If I wasn’t so afraid I’d travel alone. I would get away from all the people I know and love. The kind of response I would imagine to find on a journey such as this reminds me of the movie Eat. Pray. Love. She went to a city where she knew no one and found herself. I think this would be an amazing experience; since we often relay of others to define ourselves.

The one things I want to do most of all is zip line. I have always stopped myself from doing this because of my fear of heights. When my husband and I went on vacation I wanted to do this but I told myself it cost too much so I didn’t. I always find some sort of excuse to not zip line.  One of these days I will take the plunge and just do it.

We all have things that hold us back, come to terms with what they are. Once you know them, you can move past them. I used to be afraid to fly. I don’t enjoy flying but I am no longer afraid of it. You just have to push through the fear. I will do my best to take my words of advice and I hope that all of you do as well. Living a life in fear is a life wasted.

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