Take a risk

Today when I did my soul coaching, it was a talking about fear. How they fear holds us back and sometimes even defines who we become. The book was talking about writing a list down of all your fears, and how to make changes to face them. There was one fear that stood out among the rest; and how I have already made steps to releasing it. This is the fear of taking risks, and of failing.

I have written down my feelings and thoughts since I was a young girl. As a teenager I would write down everything I was feeling, print it out and then burn it. It was my way of releasing the pain I was feeling and for me, it was effective. As I got older and began to start my journey of self I started to write more about the things I was learning and starting to experience. I would keep these thoughts private, only sharing with myself the truths I had come to believe.

One day I shared of my writings with my husband. He told me how inspiring my words were, how I could touch many hearts with the things I talked about. His response wasn’t what I expected, I don’t really know what I was expecting but I just knew this wasn’t it. He is the one that gave me the idea to start a blog, and to share my wisdom with the world. I suppose the timing wasn’t right and I did not take action on his suggestion. It wasn’t until sometime later that I let a teacher of mine read my writings and the way it touched her was a shock to me. Seeing her response to them showed me that I do indeed needed to start a blog.

I was unsure how the world would take my words but it didn’t matter to me anymore. If I could touch a soul in a deep way and help them in their lives, that’s all that mattered. Now with the outpouring of love that I receive from all of you I am working on a book and other exciting adventures. All of which would not of happened had I not taken a risk.

This is what life is about, taking a risk. For me, I had to learn this lesson to show myself that I can be successful at things I have always loved doing. I can be exactly who I want to be as long as I stay truthful, and loving with myself and others. I see a change myself like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a cocoon; transformed by the beauty she has become. You too can be transformed if you simply take a risk, if you simply live.

“When we see through the eyes of fear we are blinded, it is only when we release these fears that we see the beauty within ourselves”



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