Rally Cross

Last weekend my husband and I attended a rally cross event. It was my first time attending, I brought my camera, and took photos.Going in I didn’t know what to expect, cars are not my thing and neither is watching them race around all day.

I kept an open mind going into it, thinking something new could be fun and if nothing else I get to spend the day with my honey.  After and eventful car drive (there was a moth in the car to which I overrated and acted like a crazy person) we had arrived. The day was absolutely stunning; the sky was so blue. It was low 70’s with a cool crisp breeze, just perfect. I watched as everyone started to arrive.

Right off the bat I noticed how friendly most everyone was and it was so refreshing to see everyone talking enjoying their time. We walked around the track in the morning before the race started so he could explain to me what all the cones meant and where people would be racing. They had the drivers meeting and went over safety, then the race began.

I watched the cars go by to get a feel for were would be the best places for pictures would be. I ended up walking to a bunch of different spots to get as many different shots as I could. By lunch time the course had gotten so dusty, I had a dirt tan. After lunch was over I did a ride along with my husband. I understand why it melts away his stress. You this tunnel vision and all you see is the track. I did a few runs with him and I was done, it made me feel like I was on a roller coaster (which I don’t care for).

Overall I had a lot of fun, which was unexpected. It was nice to get outside, meet new people and take photos. Anything that helps you relax in a positive way is worth doing. We all have stresses and sometimes you need to just forget about everything, even if it is for a few hours. This is what I have come to realize….Don’t let the chance to try something new pass you by, you may find that you love it.

These are just a few of the pictures I took form the event.

Rally X Collage.jpg

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