Cage your heart

We all go looking for love; I mean that is what we all want  but aren’t always open to the possibilities of love. After getting our hearts broken over and over again; we tend to cage off our hearts. Locking them away forever, only allowing ourselves to see what remains.

When I was 18 I got a tattoo on my back of a blue and purple heart that had been stitched together. I got this to show the world, this is what my heart looks like yet I still love. Even though my heart has been broken, and stomped on it still beats. I will attach the remaining pieces with needle and thread, hoping someday someone will see the beauty that still remains.

I had caged off my heart at this point in my life. I had it caged off so well in fact, that not even I could see it. Love would come my way, and I would just push it away. Or I would see love were it never existed. Confusing love for lust. I made a lot of mistakes in my younger years, the biggest one being not putting effort into relationships when they came my way. I loved love, but only the idea of love. I didn’t want to put work into something that would fail. One of my friends at the time told me, “It will only fail if you have that mindset going in. You have to put your all into it, that is how you get the most of out of it. And if it does fail at least you will have gotten something out of it. No time is ever wasted, unless you do nothing” That really stuck with me at time, so I did some soul searching and this is what i found. Don’t let the pain of a broken heart make you jaded; instead learn from it, grow from it. Don’t let the pain define you, you define the pain. Keep your heart free of walls and cages. One day you will want them gone and it will be harder to remove them than you ever thought.

When you find the one you’ve been searching for show them how you feel. Don’t hold back, love freely without boundaries. Take risks, wear your heart on your sleeve. Just never give up on love because love will never give up on you.

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