Yesterday I wrote about a conversation I had with my spirit guides. They told me “Stop hiding and go live”; this is something that I believe we all can relate too. Some of us hide ourselves away like a beautiful work of art; while others us put ourselves out there so much that we take no time for ourselves.

I know for myself that I enjoy my alone time, I need my own space to just be. If I don’t have this space it hinders my spirit and my state of being. Some people believe this to be weird, or anti-social. For me I am perfectly content and happy in my own little world. I am not one to be caught up in petty dramas or materialistic views. I prefer my solitude because it’s calm, simple, and positive. I do venture out of my hole from time to time to talk and see people that share my way of thinking. I don’t like large crowds or groups of people; there is too much energy, most of which is negative. I don’t drink much; it makes me feel gross and drags me down.

To me just because you’re a social person doesn’t mean you are showing your true self to everyone, or anyone. I would much rather have truthful expressions with people than hide behind a mask of fraudulence. I know that often times I spend too much time in my solitude but that’s when I make the effort to go out and try something new. Meeting new people always excites me, everyone has such different views. Then I return to my sanctuary. For me it isn’t hiding, it’s me finding a comfortable place to rest and recharge.

Life is all about balance, and it’s one the hardest things to keep level. With all the hustle and bustle of our society most of us forget about the need for balance. Whatever you need to balance make time in your day to do so. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it.

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