Safety net

I love writing, that is the whole reason why I started this blog in the first place. I was a sick of seeing all the negatives this world has to offer and little positives. There is so much joy and happiness to be found, if we simply go looking for it.

I also keep a journal; it serves as a place where I log my dreams, my feelings, soul coaching, and just everything else. I have felt before that the words I type are not my own. There are times when I write that I become so focused on the words I see on the screen that I go into a trance. The words just find their way to the tips of my fingers and out onto the page.

Today was no different, expect this time I will share the words I wrote in my journal. Which I normally don’t do but this is something I feel the urge and need to share with everyone.I was doing my soul coaching for the day, and it asked me “Are you willing to let go of your life and allow spirit to guide you?” It also asked  several other questions but none of them resonated the way this question had. So I only wrote the answer to this one, which is when I began to have a conversation with one of my spirit guides.

My answer to the question was yes, and no. I want nothing more than to be able to let go and allow spirit to guide me on the best possible path for myself. However, the answer is also a strong no. I have become so accustom to the safety nets of fear and control. That a piece of myself doesn’t not want to let go, in fact even thinking of letting go makes me panic and get anxiety.

To which I was asked, “Why do you need this safety net?” Because I am afraid that wonderful things will happen to me, and I don’t deserve that.

You really can’t believe that to be true.

No, I don’t. These are old beliefs that no longer resonate with me. Yet they still float around in my mind. I have been unable to release them because having a safety net also comes with these kinds of feelings.

You are a beautiful and wonderful soul. You radiate with such beauty. You deserve all the wonderful things this world has to offer. Until next time remember, you love and are loveable. Stop hiding and go live.

That is my talk with my spirit guide, I think so many of us can relate to this, on so many different levels. This is why I was urged to share with all of you beauties. I love solitude but I do understand that too much of anything is rarely a good thing. This is my reminder to share my beauty with the world, and to be more social.

I love all of you, we all have our struggles but together we can get through anything.



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