fear of losing a friend

Most of us are afraid to take a leap or even a step of chance on something that we don’t the end result of. We are so fearful of getting rejected that we just do nothing. A certain circumstance that comes to mind is when you are friends with someone and something happens that makes you fall hard for them. Most often you see a situation where both parties are into each other but they are too afraid to ruin the friendship so they say nothing and just carry on. When you wish you could just tell them everything.  For me, it is that kind of thing that ruins a friendship; the keeping of a secret. If you let your feelings out in the open everyone can move on from them.

I have been in a situation like this before; when I was a teenager I started to talk to a guy. I thought he was adorable, totally my type. Tattoos, long hair, and just damaged. (I also used to think I could fix people, I now know that I can’t. People must choose to fix themselves.) Anyway, we talked often, and became friends quickly. Long story short, I fell hard for him and I think that he was into me too (I still don’t know for sure). I made a move on him one night and that changed our relationship forever. We even stopped talking for many years, we have recently reconnected but our friendship still isn’t the same. Too much has happened to go back to being friends again and that is okay. That is life.  Even though I lost a dear friend I don’t regret anything that happened between us. Everything that I did because I wanted to, I have made my choices. I still think he is a wonderful guy, who is a sweetheart. I have no hard feelings toward the situation or him. Some people are meant to be in your life only to teach you a lesson and once that lesson has been taught it’s time to move on. And that is exactly what we both have done.

I have seen where being friends with someone first really do make the best couples. You know everything about them; you’ve seen them at their worst and their best. What I have found is the only thing that really matters is timing. Timing is everything in life; if it isn’t right then it won’t work. You will never know if the time is right or not unless you take a chance. So be brave, pour your heart out, tell them how you feel and don’t do it for anyone other than yourself. You never know he/she could the one person you’ve been waiting for your entire life. Even if it doesn’t work out and least you can say you gave it your all.

Life isn’t about being afraid to fall; it’s about getting back up when you do.

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