Past Life

Last night I did a past life regression on my husband. This was his first past life regression, so he was excited and didn’t really know what to expect.

We started by him relaxing, and getting comfortable. We than started the session, getting him more and more relaxed. Once we achieved this we crossed over the river of time and into one of his past lives. Since this is his first time doing so I explained to him that you can’t really control were you go, or what you see but to remember that you are just observing. He stepped off the bridge and stood in a past life, this is what he saw….

He was a young man, around 20 years old. The year was 1943, and he was in Germany. He was a solider, a paratrooper, for the United States. He was wearing black combat boots, and World War 2 green fatigues. He was standing at an intersection, the roads were cobblestone. The buildings on the right and left had been bombed and were missing walls as well as, most of the second story. When I asked him how this life felt he said “I’m alone and scared”.

I moved him to an important time in this life, which brought him to a bus. Right before they shipped off to Germany. He sitting in the bus and people were watching them leave. He felt pride and happiness to serve his country. He knew that the road ahead would not be an easy one but he said it felt nice to be recognized for his efforts.

I then moved him in forward time again, to when he was dying. This moved him to a hospital. When I asked him why he went to the hospital he replied “I was hiding in a building that was hit by a tank. My left leg is in a lot of pain and my gut. I have a metal chunk in the left side of my stomach.” He then said he saw two nurses around him, they were speaking French. I asked him if he knew them in this life and he said “I can’t see their faces well enough to know.”

I then asked if the wounds he had got from war caused his death, he said “Yes, and no. I lost my left leg from the knee down. Infection is what killed me. I died very slowly, in the hospital. Alone”. “I am not happy to go. I have people to go home too, I wanted to go home to them.” He replied, when I asked him if was glad to go or not. Finally, I asked him what he learned from this life. “Regardless of what others thought you did or didn’t do. You can take away knowing what you did was the right choice.” He replied. I then asked him if he carries any fear from that life into his present life. He answered me by saying “Always concerned about letting someone down”.

He had now left that life and was resting in the spirit world. He did not feel himself pass away because it must have been insignificant. I then moved him out of the memories of that life, and back to his current life. You don’t want to stay in the spirit world to long or you won’t want to leave. That is our true home and state of being after all. He then woke up, remembering everything that he had seen and felt from that past life.

When he woke up, I smiled. He looked at me and said “What??” I said, “You were a solider, you don’t see the pattern?” I knew that he didn’t because this was new to him so I explained what I meant. You see in this life my husband was in the Navy, proud to serve his country. Proud to recognized for his serve and courage. This was the same things that he felt years ago in Germany as a young man. From what I have seen our souls have a pattern. If someone is a solider in one life, more than likely not they will be a solider in most if not all their lives to come. Just like if someone is a healer, they will continue being a healer in their lifetimes ahead of them.

I find it so incredible that we can access these memories, if we just take some time to do so. We have all lived before and will all live again. We are sent to the physical form of flesh so that we can learn lessons, so we can feel pain, and love; to build relationships, and to have the human experience. Some lessons cannot be taught in spirit form, so we must learn these lessons as humans. Each life we have affects the next, they stick with us. Fears, phobias, ways of acting, issues we have, jobs….it all follows us to the next lifetime.

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