Today I wanted to share with everyone my absolute favorite quote.  I don’t remember how I came across it but once I did and it was love at first read.


It captures how my spiritual journey, or just the journey of life feels to me. I have seen this happen first hand, how when you change yourself and people don’t understand or like this new and improved you; they say “You’ve changed”. To which I think, of course I did, I had to change. I cannot stay the same person forever, as that is not who I am or who I want to be. Change is the only constant thing in the world so go with the flow and use it your advantage. As you begin your metamorphosis into your improved self; you’ll begin to notice the people around you reacting to this change. It could be either a positive or negative response, either way that is the other person’s issues and not yours. That is a very important lesson all of us need to learn and understand. When someone offers you a gift of anger, rudeness or whatever you do not have to accept this gift. If someone offers you anger and you give them nothing in return, they will have no one to fight with and go along on their way. Yes, this is be very hard to resist at times, I understand that. I am simply saying we have a choice whether or not we let others affect us. Our whole lives are really one big choice, and it is the result of these choices that we must life with and grow from. This is why change is the only thing that is consent with each choice we make, and with each outcome, we change. Life is meant to test us and push to our limits and beyond so we see how strong we truly are. We must love and loose love so we appreciate it that more when we find it again. The same goes for death, we all must die so we all can live.  

Be a beautiful butterfly, flying freely from place to place. Care not what others say or do of your, it is not your concern. Create a happy, peaceful life where you can be the best version of yourself. Be kind and give love freely. Spread your wings little butterfly, there is so much of the beautiful world to see. You have wings…..

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