Isn’t music incredible it can change our mood, change our thoughts and just overall state of being. It can touch us so deeply that we become emotional; it can motivate us, relax us or make us dance.  

Just like anything else in this world, the music we listen to affects our energy. If you listen to a low vibrational music that is angry and hateful that is how your energy will be.  If you listen to music that is light and makes you feel good, then you will raise your vibration.

That is what like is all about, finding things that makes you feel amazing; that includes music. Find music that makes you dance your heart out, find music that makes you emotional, find music that just makes you feel good.

For me this music is so many different genres. I am a firm believer that your musical tastes should be all over the place. Confining yourself to one genre only limits you.  Some of my favorite bands/artists make me feel amazing, they make me dance in the car, they make me sing my lungs out and most importantly they touch a part of me that I can’t even begin describe.

For me Dirty Heads have become a love affair for my heart and soul. You can feel the passion they have for the music they make. When you love what you do it transforms into something incredible; it can be felt. There songs are upbeat, fun and inspiring.  Even as I write this now, I am listening to them; Sound of change, everything in that songs speaks to me on another level.  They inspire me so much so that I got a tattoo on my arm of one of their songs.

There are so much bad things in the world that when you find something that you love, that makes that spark inside of yourself come alive, hold on to it. Cherish it. Those are the things that mean everything, they are that things that makes life worth living.

The message I send to all of you is simple, love. Infuse it into your life, into every fiber of your being and I promise you, it will transform you and your life.

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