13743252_675029299317713_811617205_n                       This picture says it all, I saw this photo this morning when I was surfing around Facebook.

This is one of the truest things that I have learned from journey thus far. You have to have boundaries, take care of yourself first. Often times many of us take on to much and forget about ourselves. I have often seen people give so much to others, getting little to nothing in return. They have no boundaries, they let people muddy up there space. I should know I used to be one of those people. I would let others walk all over my personal space; leaving their baggage wherever they wanted. I would carry it as my own until I got so weighted down I couldn’t take it anymore.

I stopped, took a step back and decided that I need to care for and love myself before I could try to give that to another.  That is when my transformation began, that’s when being nice and loving to others just flowed out of me. I felt lighter than I ever have before, I felt free. I no longer had to carry anyone else’s baggage, let alone my own. I let it go of the past so that I could be present in the present. That was huge for me, being present. So often we are to worried with the things we have done in the past or to concerned with were the future will take us that we miss the beautiful moments happening right now.

So I am here to say take time for yourself. Love and nourish yourself so that you can give that to the world. What comes around goes around, so if you give love you will get in returned to you in abundance.




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