Axe the Cable Bill

About 2 years ago my husband and I decided to give up cable television. It was getting way to expensive and we didn’t watch it much anyways. We only had cable because we were told were supposed to have it; as most American homes have cable or satellite television. I must admit that I was very fearful of giving up cable at first. I had grown up in a home in which watching television is how we bonded or what we talked about at the dinner table. I thought that loosing cable would be a huge thing for me. I knew that we needed to cut a bill somewhere and that was one of the few that we could cut out, so I went along with it.

In place of cable we put an antenna up, which I will admit looks silly on the roof but not many people see and it is about as unattractive as a dish on your home.  With the antenna we get all the free channels like all your major networks (NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox). We even get CW which made me happy so I can watch Supernatural still. All I needed was a few channels to be happy anyways seeing that I don’t watch too many tv shows. It’s funny to look back now at how addicted I was, while watching tv wasn’t the only thing I spend my time on it was the worst way to waste time. I was lazy and a total couch potato. It was my easiest hobby to get sucked into because I could be totally mindless and waste the whole day away without even thinking twice.  I still get sucked into something on Netflix but I just have become more aware or just have more things to get done. I often forget that we even have an antenna that is how little we watch it. I watch it most often for Once Upon a Time, Supernatural and football, after those are done for the season I go back to forgetting all about it.


So looking back on this makes me see things in an entirely new perspective. I don’t feel that I am a prisoner to my television anymore, I don’t feel the need to constantly watch tv to validate me paying so much for channels; most of which I don’t even use. I have stopped watching the news all together. It has become so negative and brings down my vibe. The news tells you who to hate, and why you should hate them. When did we become so brainwashed that we cannot make choices for ourselves. I think hating anyone is wrong but if you’re going to hate someone at least choose that for yourself and don’t do that simply because someone is telling you too. That is completely ridiculous to me.

Since getting rid of cable I felt freer to buy the things I want to buy, or see the movies I want to see. It’s funny actually because I actually have no idea what is going on in pop culture, music, movies or any of that stuff. All of that stuff doesn’t matter to me though, I am quite peaceful in my little bubble that I’ve created for myself. I like to make choices for myself, I like to stand out from the crowd.

So in short, getting rid of cable television has been a very liberating experience and I suggest everyone to do it. Brake down the walls of comfort so that you can find things you love, that make you come alive. Brake down the walls so you can be free from the chains you don’t even know you’re wearing.

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