A Walk in the Woods

Some of you may have noticed the pictures of the woods that I used on the blog home page as well as the social media outlets. These are pictures that I took while my husband, Norman and I were on a walk one weekend afternoon.

Its the same place we had walked a lot of time but we have never done this trial before. My husband looked at the map and show that it wasn’t very long and the elevation didn’t change much.

At first the trail started out narrow and muddy (it had rained a few days earlier) so I didn’t have a good feeling about this trail but then it gave way to a field of  ferns. I was in owe of the beauty that gave way. I hasn’t seen anything like this before, and it was amazing. It was quite other than the sounds of the birds. We were the only people on the trail; which gave me the change to get some great photos.

This was a very enjoyable trail and it gave me the reset that I needed. Its always wonderful to get back out into nature. If your feeling stressed, or just need a get away I would highly suggest talking a walk out in the woods, it will do wonders for you (atleast it does for me)

20160604_10192820160604_103738 (1)20160604_10232920160604_10222620160604_101643cropped-20160604_102057.jpg

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